My Bloody Valentine


Congratulations Mr. Valentine, you are finally on my radar and can no longer be ignored. No; not because of MY Red Sox current record, because of you and your actions. I don’t know if all that time you spent in New York you were drinking water that kills brain cells, or maybe it is just the air in New York that does it but you are an absolute imbecile.

First of all, no one cares if you hate the Yankees. Nor does it create some secret bond with Red Sox fans. What will make you really special with Red Sox fans is opening your pompas mouth about Kevin Youkilis. Honestly what would even possess you to say “don’t think he’s as physically or emotionally into the game as he has been in the past for some reason.” You could have been a good man Valentine. Forget that, you could have been a good coach. You could have said Youk just hasn’t found his swing yet, but that is apparently not the Valentine way. You clearly need attention much in the same way as Branjolina (only you are not even remotely fascinating) and decided to insult Youk’s integrity as a player and say he isn’t playing with heart. Do you even know Youk? He is accused of being overly emotional.

Hence the reason Pedroia stepped in for Youk and said “that’s really not the way we go about our stuff here. I’m sure he’ll figure that out soon. We’ve got Youk’s back.” Take a note from one of your players. Red Sox Nation has Youk’s back. And that is NOT how we do things here. You created stress on the clubhouse and against your players and you that did nothing to serve you as we all knw what happened next with the Yankees.

Second, if there was not proof of your alleged leadership and ability I would call this whole thing a hoax. Day two of Fenways big celebration my boys were out for Yankee blood. And they were getting it. The fifth inning Red Sox up 9-0. Single homerun in the sixth by Teixeira and in the seventh we were still up 9-1. What did you do Valentine? You sabotaged my team! You pulled Felix Doubront and then we all watched our bullpin collapse. The odd thing about this sabotage is, when pitchers are pitching like sixth graders in little league you leave them in but when they are pitching right and doing their job you pull them? What is your game Bobby Valentine? You stand in the dugout looking cooler then Dubya Bush on election day 2005…do you know something we don’t? Are we your puppets?

Third, are you some kind of masochist that enjoys watching your pitchers literally struggle and doubt themselves four or more batters too long? Am I missing something or are you just desperate to create the perfect storm? I really cannot even spend too much time on how often you let your pitchers struggle because I start seeing red. You make decisions that only make sense to you. If I can see it and I am screaming at my TV or whoever will listen in Twitterland why can’t you see it? You leave Buchholz in too long, Bard, and Lester. These guys can be great pitchers. If you weren’t acting like you had taken five valiums with a vodka chaser. Protect your pitchers idiot! Now would be one of those good times to maybe look at and think about what the media is saying about you.

Fourth, and this one, really shows your love for my Red Sox, you filed the wrong line up after researching a pitcher on your phone. It is not as if you have not done enough to disrespect Bostons fans and it’s players but this is how you show your willingness to be a team player or that this team even matters to you?! How is my team supposed to trust you? How am I? This is Boston not Jersey Shore. Lazy coaching disgusts me. If this is how you prepare for games no wonder our season is looking like it is.

I want you gone Valentine. You are of and have been of no use to me or my team. You can keep going through baseball teams the way Hugh Heffner goes through blondes but eventually MLB will see you are used up, washed up and not really worth a damn.

Change your ways Bobby V. We are watching you. And my guys, my Red Sox guys, are counting on you. If you don’t want to be in Boston you don’t have to sabotage yourself to get gone, I will gladly help overthrow you in any way I can.

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