Poll Results: Red Sox Won’t Win 90 Games


The latest poll asked you the readers how many games you think the Red Sox will win this year and the results are in on what turned out to be a close race.  Over 400 votes were cast and 32% of you feel the Red Sox will win between 85-89 games, with 30% feeling the club will win less than 84 games.  29% of the votes were cast for 90-94 wins and just 9% of the voters think the Sox will win 95 games or more.

It was interesting to watch the trend around this poll.  When the poll first opened at the beginning of the season, most votes went to 90-94 wins.  As soon as the Sox lost 5 of their first 6 the 85-89 category caught up but still trailed.  After the Texas nightmare and the Yankee comeback, 84 wins or less became a lot more popular.  Over the past week we’ve seen a few more votes come in for the 90-94 range but not enough to overtake the top two categories.

With a large sample of votes, it’s easy to gauge how Red Sox Nation feels about this year’s club.  It’s hard to say at this point if 89 wins or less would get the team into the postseason, but with the second wild card it could be enough.

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As always, thanks for voting.

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