Meegan’s Hot Seat, Who is under the Spot Light

By Editorial Staff

This is a look at who is “Hot” and who is in the “Hot Seat.”

Nothing like a week of playing bad teams on the road to get out of the season start slump.

Who is “HOT?”  I am going to give Jarrod Saltalamacchia the nod this week.  Although you can make a strong case for David Ortiz, who has continued to scorch the ball since opening day.  Cody Ross also continues to drive in runs during the key moments of the game.

But, Salty deserves the award this week with a BA of .313, OPS of 1.188 and slugging at a .875 clip.  Three of his five hits this week resulted in the seats along with his 8 RBI’s.  Good to see Salty come around after a dreadful start.

Who is in the “Hot Seat”, was a much easier decision.  What’s wrong with Clay Buchholz?  He looks like a batting practice pitcher out there.  Buchholz has the worst ERA of any starter on the staff with an eye popping, 8.87.  Buchholz has already allowed six home runs this season.  He only allowed 9 home runs during the entire 2010 season.  Last season , Buchholz didn’t battle injuries.  No lead seems to be safe when Buchholz is on the mound.  He couldn’t even get out of the sixth inning against the weak hitting Minnesota Twins.

Aaron Cook has said that he is willing to take a spot in the bullpen.  I say if Buchholz gets battered again tonight against the Oakland A’s, then it is Buchholz who should be heading to the pen with Cook taking over as the starter.

Have the injuries finally caught up to the youngster who had so much potential?    If he has, then it is time to make a decision on where Buchholz fits in the grand scheme of things.

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