Will Crawford Contract Cut into Sox Budget options until 2018?


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If Carl Crawford’s injury woes continue and he never returns to his former level of performance, will it be the worst contract in MLB history?

You may come to a different conclusion, after reviewing the list below, but the Crawford contract–$142 million over 7 years, or $20.3 million per year–leaves the Red Sox with a potential budget albatross that could drain their resources and crimp their spending until 2018.

Other “worst contract” candidates include John Lackey $82.5 million over 5 years, or $16.5 per year through 2014 and another LHP, Barry Zito with $126 million over 7 years, or $18 million per year through 2013.

The Red Sox are not alone in the “Contract Albatross” contest; the Nationals will owe Jason “What’s he  really” Werth $126 million over 7 years, or $18 million per year through 2017.

For comparison, the highest paid player in MLB is A-Rod at $30 million per year.

"Carl Yazstremski  $242,500 (1977) Ted Williams          $125,000 (1958) Willie Mays              $100,000 (1963) Mickey Mantle        $100,000 (1963)"

The current minimum salary for a player on 25-man roster is $200,000. Can you name a player who is the 25th best on a MLB roster today, who is worth both Mays and Mantle?

Bud Selig                    2 yrs, $40M  20

Andrew Jones               2 yrs, 36.2M       18.1
Barry Zito                       7 yrs, $126M      18
Vernon Wells                 7 yrs, $126M      18
Jason Werth                   7 yrs, $126M      18
Alfonso Soriano             8 yrs, $136M      17
John Lackey                    5 yrs, $82.5M    16.5
Michael Young                 5 yrs, $80M      16
Jason Schmidt                  3 yrs, $47M      15.7
Jose Guillen                       3 yrs, $36M     12
Paul Konerko                     5 yrs, $60M     12
Jeff Suppan                        4 yrs, $42M      10.5
Travis Hafner                     4 yrs, $37M      9.25
Kei Igawa                             5 yrs, $46M      9.2

If the 13 players on the above list played on one team the total annual budget would total:  $136 million and change.  If that team filled the remaining 12 slots with minimum wage players @ $200,000 each for a total of $2.4 million, the total annual budget would be $138.4  million.

In round numbers four teams are over that total for 2012:

Yankees  $198 million

Phillies    $175 million

Red Sox   $173 million

Dodgers   $154 million

"Thus, the total weight of “Theo’s Legacy”  [Crawford & Lackey] is $224.5 million."

But, the worst contract deal in MLB history is easily…

"(AP) — Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig says he couldn’t resist the pleas of team owners for him to stay on the job. His wife Sue has said all along there was no way her husband would walk away from the game."

The former car salesman couldn’t walk away from $20 million per year, along with the perks and a private jet.

Here’s a toast to the 29 team owners who bought a “Commissioner Puppet” for just $20 million per year…“This Bud’s for you!”


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