Grady Little The Latest To Snub Red Sox Party


When the Red Sox organization stated they would be inviting everyone to the Fenway Centennial celebration, they really meant it.  On the list of invites is none other than Grady Little, the famed manager who is best known for not pulling Pedro Martinez out of game 7 in the 2003 ALCS against the rival New York Yankees.  A game that the Sox would eventually lose in extra innings that was set up when Pedro squandered the lead in the 8th inning.

As Gordon Edes reports, Little was publicly humiliated shortly after the Sox lost the series when he was fired and ridiculed for his lack of movement from the dugout to replace Pedro with his bullpen.

The Little firing has recently been resurrected and re-hashed when Terry Francona was thrown under the bus and dethroned from the managerial position for what the owners felt was a legit cause.

Like Francona, Little appears to have snubbed the Sox for the way he was treated as he has yet to reply to the invite to the party.  Not surprising when you read Edes article who dives into the bowels of 2003 and recaptures the situation as it was.

The difference between Francona and Little is simple.  Francona won and relieved a Nation of misery while Little was accused of prolonging the agony.  One decision has caused Little to be hated by many Red Sox fans and whether or not it’s justified is another debate for another day.  But when the introduction of past managers and players is introduced on April 20th, two of the more notable names will be missing; one who brought tears of joy, the other who brought tears of pain.

Would you like to see Grady Little at the Fenway Park celebration?

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