Is Bobby V Focused on the Red Sox?


It’s a fair question to ask yourself-Is Bobby Valentine focused on bringing a title to Beantown or bringing himself and the team unnecessary publicity? I think it’s a question we’ve all had on our minds since March 1 but yesterday it was confirmed- Bobby’s in this for the attention as much as a World Series.

Why else would he agree to make a weekly appearance on The Michael Kay Show? (For those who don’t know-Michael Kay is the voice of the Yankees YES Network)

Valentine suggested that he was doing the show because there are Sox fans in New York.

"“Why, there aren’t any Boston fans in New York?” asked Valentine"

As a Red Sox fan living in New York I have to tell ya-I don’t want my teams manager chatting with the voice of the Yankees on a weekly basis. It’s almost as insulting to me as it should be to him.

Bobby then suggested that it’s not really a New York show at all-

"Actually, it’s an ESPN show, I think-And they’ll be happy that I turned down the show with ’FAN, which is totally a New York show"

Maybe he thinks we’re incompetent? I don’t know but I’m here to tell you that The Michael Kay Show is as much a New York show as WFAN’s show.

And there’s more.. Apparently Bobby’s negotiating with a Sunday

TV gig in New York “When he’s available”

Maybe I’m the only one-I doubt it, but maybe-that has a problem with the amount of media attention Bobby V brings to the Red Sox. For a team trying to move on from a historic collapse that saw reputations ruined, jobs lost and a media frenzy-this much distraction isn’t going to help.

I’ve thought about the possibility that this is all part of a plan to stew up the oldest rivalry in baseball-which would be good-but not like this. This just looks like a pathetic attempt to get even more media attention. If you wanna stir up the rivalry pitch inside, make a comment after a game, or beat the Yanks in the playoffs this year. Weekly appearances in New York isn’t the way to go.

I understand you haven’t managed a Major League club in a decade and You’re hungry for some attention but when does this stop? I want my manager focused on doing just that-managing.

Stop Talking-Start Winning. Enough said.

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