Two Thumbs Down for Sox, Bailey/ Beckett, but Two Thumbs Up for Cherington


Thumb things evil to Fenway comes.

Yes, projected Red Sox closer Bailey will likely need surgery and Beckett is also heading to the doctor with his bum thumb for a digital exam, but before citizens of Red Sox Nation panic and are up in arms and the finger-pointing starts, let’s give a big hand to GM Ben Cherington, who had the prudence to arm the team with four closer-capable pitchers.

If another team, say the Reds [Madsen] or the Royals [Soria], came up short-handed, when their closer went DL, their GM might have been forced to pay an arm-and-a-leg for a new closer; but not our Ben with Bailey, Melancon, Bard, and Aceves–all credible closers.

The much-maligned Melancon mise is making Mr. Cherington look like a prescient palm reader for acquiring the former Astros’ closer, formerly the prospect the Yankees were grooming to take over after Rivera retired, who was 8-4 with 20 saves, 2.78, 1.224, and 2.54 K/W ratio last season.

In the unlikely event that Melancon contracts the Bum Thumb Syndrome, Ben has a closer and a set-up guy in Bard and Aceves, or Aceves and Bard on hand.

So, although there may be two thumbs down today, GM Cherington’s four-armed foresight, gets two thumbs up.


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