John Lackey: A Talking Imbecile


Maybe it’s the fact that he signed a tumultuous contract and has yet to deliver the goods to measure up to his salary.  Or the fact that he’s now injured costing the Red Sox over $15 million this season and has once again left the club scrambling to find a suitable starter.  Either way, my patience with John Lackey are finished thanks to his latest public humiliation when he spoke to the media in Fort Myers.

It’s the first time that Lackey has addressed the media about last year’s BeerGate Scandal where he was singled out as a ring leader.  So what is the media going to want to ask him about?  Sure his Tommy John Surgery will be on the list of questions but come on John, wake up and smell the fried chicken.  The September swoon will be front and center and will be until you address it like Josh Beckett and Jon Lester both did.

Rather Lackey chose the arrogant, snobbish route, failing to offer much of anything in the way of words.

"“Even talking about it right now is stupid, because it’s just bringing it back up. … All you’re doing is re-hashing it. It kind of went away until you, right now.” – courtesy of Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe."

Yes John it is being re-hashed, only because you were too much of a coward to step up and address the situation in a timely manner during the off season.  Now you’ve created a whole new crap storm and yet another distraction to the club, something they don’t need right now.

But when things aren’t about you, you find a way to take the spotlight.  Like when things were going bad during last season, you let everyone know that your life sucks.  When the media probed as to what is happening you snapped because someone gave out your cell phone.

Then he uses the ‘R’ word when discussing the matter.  That is just down right offensive and while he did apologize, he further proved his inability to think and talk at the same time.  Just like when he tries to breathe and pitch at the same time, he just can’t do it.

He’s proved he’s a man of many words, like when asked if mistakes were made in the clubhouse last season.

"“I guess. Sure.”"

There’s a headline for ya!  You pompous A-hole.  Step up and act like a man and quit feeling sorry for yourself over everything that has gone wrong in your life in the last few years.

Before anyone starts jumping all over me about his wife battling cancer, I do have a heart and there is much empathy for the Lackey family from myself on that front.  Believe me, I’ve lost loved ones to that horrible disease so my heart goes out to them all and I wish for a full recovery.

But John Lackey needs to act like a professional when he’s around the clubhouse and media.  Rather he chooses to get his nose out of joint and attack back when pushed a little too far for his comfort.

As I said before, his performance was enough for me to write him off as a total bust. Then there were the endless stare downs to his teammates when they didn’t make a play he felt should have been made.  Or the icy, dart throwing looks he’d give Tito when the manager would visit the mound.  Now he’s gone from stupid to stupider in my books from this latest round of moronic behavior.

I don’t know what will be more painful; having Lackey in the rotation in 2013 or having him readily available to the media all season long because he’s hurt.

Let’s hope that Lackey never has an MRI done on his brain.  They might not find anything.

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