Negro Leagues stats database completed, Hall of Fame grant


A significant part of the history of the great players of the Negro Leagues, who competed between 1860 and 1960, is finally codified in a substantial database of statistics thanks to a $250,000 Hall of Fame grant, that funded the research of The Negro LeaguesResearchers/Authors Group.

After twelve years of delving into box scores of 345 newspapers, the research group has released 800 pages of statistics that cover 3,000 day-by-day playing records, league leaders and all-time leaders in various categories.

While it includes 3,420 players and managers of the Negro Leagues, it does not claim to be comprehensive and further research is required, but the database is a major piece of the history of African-American players, who were denied an opportunity to perform in the Major Leagues.

Ironically, the final entry of black stars, led by Jackie Robinson in 1947, started an exodus of players like, Larry Doby, Joe Black, Roy Campanella, Monte Irvin and the aging Leroy “Satchel” Paige, which caused the Negro Leagues to fold in a few years.
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