Where have you gone J.D. Drew?


Did I miss the J.D. Drew retirement party?  It appears J.D. took the last train out of Boston and no one noticed.  Unlike Tim Wakefield and Jason Varitek, Drew knew he had zero chance of coming back to the Sox this year. 

Has there ever been a player more villanized in a Sox uniform than Drew?  Just the pure mention of his name makes fans seethe with hatred.  Personally, I don’t hate J.D., I did find him as an emotionless self absorbed prima dona, but he still fielded his position better than most who have scoured Fenway’s odd angled right field.  The only one who I can think of who was better was Dwight Evans.

Besides, Drew’s grand slam against the Cleveland Indians in the 2007 ALCS, can anyone else think of a Drew moment that will be branded in their minds forever?

What was it about Drew?  Was it his personality?  He constant aches and pains?  Or did it just come down to the fact that he was the most over paid underachiever we have ever seen.  Its funny how we fans get outraged over players salaries, sure we see the spike in ticket prices and concession stands, but it’s not like we are physically writing the checks.

So there will be no speech or tears coming from J.D. in front of his “fans” or teammates.  Cruel ending for a player that came here with such high expectations.  Just another example how Boston has the best fans in the world, but also the most unforgiving.

Farewell #7, I guess it is safe to assume that your number won’t be hanging in right field facade anytime soon.

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