Roy Oswalt Will Not Be Joining the Red Sox


Like an old game of spin the bottle, with Roy Oswalt doing the spinning trying to decide which team he’ll choose to pitch for, we still don’t have an answer this morning on his decision.  We do have some updates though and for those few Red Sox fans who were desperately clinging to some hope of a miracle, the news isn’t good.

According to Jon Heyman of via Twitter, Oswalt is not going to sign with either the Red Sox or the Texas Rangers.  Reasons were not yet given as to why, but we all know that the geography of Boston is a major hurdle for Oswalt.

This leaves the St. Louis Cardinals as the obvious choice as both the Philadelphia Phillies and Cincinnati Reds both said they were no longer interested in acquiring Oswalt.

Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Dispatch tweets that “a friend close to Oswalt” wouldn’t be surprised if he chooses St. Louis as his destination, despite the Cards insisting on their terms being met.  Those terms being likely a one-year deal worth $5 million and it could also mean Oswalt pitching out of the bullpen, something he was adamant about not doing.

But St. Louis is close to his home in Mississippi and it also gives Oswalt a chance to pitch in the National League which provides an opportunity to produce quality numbers.  Something he’ll need if he plans on cashing in on the open market next off season as a free agent.  With the so called, pitcher friendly parks and batting lineups residing more in the NL, it’s no surprise that Oswalt wants to stay in the only league he’s ever pitched in.

The latest brings Cardinals GM John Mozeliak into the mix and he insists that Oswalt will not be pitching for the Cards.  Ok, now this is getting down right weird.  Could there be a mystery team that will land Oswalt?

That’s it for now, as this situation continues to unfold, we’ll keep you posted.

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