Does Josh Beckett Hold a Grudge?


Josh Beckett cares about the Red Sox.  At least that’s the perception he gave when he addressed the media on the first official day of spring training for the Sox pitchers.  Both Beckett and Lester sat and answered questions, mainly about last season and both pitchers gave a similar response, yet were laced with differences.

Lester appeared genuine and realized he, and others, made mistakes.  Beckett admitted that he had “lapses in judgement.”  He also acknowledged that he didn’t pitch well in his last two starts.

Beckett even admitted that he and the rest of the team need to win the fans back and can only do that by winning.  Winning heals everything, isn’t that right Josh?

So everything seems to be hunky dory and finally the two biggest culprits of last season’s tumultuous collapse have addressed the situation and we can all move on.  Great, sounds good.

But there is just one item of concern that came out of Beckett’s media session. And that was the following statement from Josh:

"“But there’s also some ill feelings toward some people.”"

When asked to clarify, Beckett wouldn’t elaborate.  Rather he just stated, “there’s people.”

What does that mean?  It sounds as though Beckett is holding a grudge towards the person or persons who leaked the story to the press about the whole chicken and beer scandal.

Was it a player or a clubhouse attendant?  Regardless, if Beckett is going to hold a grudge then what type of attitude is he going to carry over into the club house this season?  If you’re thinking a sour one then you’re probably right.

Josh Beckett marches to the beat of his own drum, we’ve known that for quite some time.  But finally he discusses what happened last September, even admits to putting on a little extra weight in the final two months of the season, then throws cold water on the situation by declaring he’s still ripped at someone for the whole story getting out?

I agree with Josh that what happens in the clubhouse should stay in the clubhouse.  It’s a solidarity thing.  A bond between brothers so to speak.  And when one breaches that trust it can be difficult to overcome that.

But the last thing this team needs is for anyone to carry over any ill-will feelings of last season.  A clean slate is here.  Bobby Valentine made that perfectly clear that last year was last year and it’s now behind them.

So what needs to happen now?  Does Beckett need to confront the individual who reportedly leaked the story?  What if it is a player and an everyday player at that?  Is there a wedge between him and the rest of the team or is Beckett the isolated one here because he can come off a little arrogant.

There are far too many questions to be answered here.  We may never find out who the guilty party is for breaking the clubhouse trust.  God help us if it was a player.

The infamous collapse was five months ago and with a new season just around the corner the Red Sox have turned the page on that black September.  At least they’re trying to make it appear that they have.  Hopefully time will heal all wounds.  Just don’t wait too long Josh.

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