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Matt Garza Sparks Red Sox, Cubs Rivalry With War of Words


Matt Garza has never been one to shy away from an altercation, especially when the camera is on him.  For years as a member of the Tampa Bay Rays, Garza would torment Red Sox hitters and fans with his nasty repertoire of pitches, making him public enemy number one when the two teams would collide.

Now Garza dawns the Cubs blue and red but he’s still shooting his mouth off, further entrenching his legacy as one to hate for Red Sox Nation.

When asked about what he remembers the most of his time competing against his now boss, Theo Epstein, Garza went right for the jugular of all Red Sox fans.

“That I was able to kick the crap out of them every year, year in and year out, for the last three seasons. That’s what I remember.” – courtesy of Amalie Benjamin of the Boston Globe.

Garza is 7-4 with a 3.63 ERA in his career against the Red Sox and what Sox fans remember most is what he did in the 2008 ALCS.  Garza went went 2-0, allowing two runs in 13 innings in that series against Boston, picking up the win in both game 3 and 7, helping the Rays to the series win.

Talk about stirring the pot from a pitcher who could end up in a Red Sox uniform down the road.  There have been reports that the Cubs and Garza could discuss a long-term extension, but if they don’t come to terms and the right package comes along, Epstein could trade Garza sometime before the end of July.  And the Red Sox could be one of many teams in on the mix for Garza’s services.

Needless to say, Garza may not be welcomed in Bean Towne with remarks like this one.  Who’s to say the Red Sox brass would want to bring a guy  in with an ego comparable to Donald Trump’s.

Garza better hope for two things.  The first, that he inks a long-term deal with Chicago and that he stays in the National League for the rest of his career.  The second, that he doesn’t have to pitch against the Red Sox when the Olde Towne Team visits Wrigley Field on June 15, 16 & 17.  Because this type of talk is what gets cut out and pasted in the locker room, serving as a reminder of who they’re facing.

Not that the Red Sox will need anymore added motivation to beat the Cubs with The Epstein, the boy wonder, sitting in his fancy press box.

But if they do, Garza just gave it to them.  I was a fan of trying to acquire Garza, but if that chimney sweeper beard wearing, arrogant, pompous ass wants to shoot his mouth off, then forget him.  He can rot in Chicago.  No prospects are worth that type of attitude.

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