A New Week Brings Nothing New on Oswalt’s Decision


Just because it’s a new work week doesn’t mean we should expect any decision from Roy Oswalt about where he’ll sign to play this season.  Although with pitchers and catchers set to report in six days, a decision could be made sooner than later.

With the David Ortiz arbitration case now in the Red Sox rear view mirror, the focus can once again shift back to the starting  rotation, namely Roy Oswalt.  Many felt that the Sox were waiting to finalize the Ortiz situation to see what type of salary he would be making for this upcoming season.  If the salary was within the confines of the Sox so called ‘budget’ then some believe this would allow the Red Sox to aggressively pursue Roy Oswalt.

We’ve learnt that Texas and St. Louis are on Oswalt’s radar but that the feeling may not be mutual.  We also know that Boston isn’t Oswalt’s first choice, not because of money, but because of geography.  Oswalt wants to be near his Mississippi home and Boston is, what he deems, too far.

Today we hear that Texas doesn’t have the money to sign Oswalt.  Texas GM Jon Daniels told ESPNDallas.com that the club is over it’s payroll budget after agreeing with Mike Napoli and avoiding arbitration. Signing Oswalt would mean the Rangers would have to shed payroll elsewhere and that is proving to be more difficult than originally thought as the club has yet to move reliever Koji Uehara.

St. Louis is interested in adding the veteran, but only on their terms which is said to be for one-year at $5 million.  Even then, Oswalt may not be guaranteed a spot in the rotation, another important sticking point with Oswalt.

His first two choices don’t appear to be any closer to reaching a deal.  The problem is neither do the Red Sox.  There is very little to report on the Oswalt front. Ben Cherington spoke to WEEI.com after the Ortiz signing and as he has said in the past, he doesn’t expect to any major moves between now and Sunday when pitchers and catchers report.  Last time I checked adding a guy like Roy Oswalt would be deemed a major move.  Rob Bradford of WEEI.com confirms that there is no traction between Oswalt and the Red Sox.

So here we are with another work week upon us and still no news on Roy Oswalt.  Is this what Bill Murray felt like in the movie Groundhog Day?

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