Cody Ross to Wear J.D. Drew’s # 7


In anticipation of a free-agent signing of Roy Oswalt or Edwin Jackson, it’s another slow news day surrounding the Red Sox.

The newest addition to the Red Sox, outfielder Cody Ross, officially joined the club yesterday and he tweeted that he will in fact wear the number 7 on his back; the number formerly worn by J.D. Drew.

It’s only fitting that the man brought in to essentially replace Drew in right field takes his number.  First he takes his job, then he takes his number.  What’s next, is he going to take his house and cars too? Not likely, Drew has too much money for that to happen.

Ross didn’t exactly take J.D’s job as much as J.D wasn’t wanted in Boston anymore after his five-year contract was up. Now with Drew reportedly headed towards retirement and Josh Reddick traded away, the door opened for a guy like Ross to step in and play hero for a town that hasn’t seen a consistent right fielder for over four years.

Don’t get me wrong, I remember and will never forget the grand slam Drew hit on October 20, 2007 to help propel the Red Sox to a game six win in the ALCS when facing elimination.  And then a year later another clutch home run against the Tampa Bay Rays in the ALDS followed up by a walk-off hit an inning later.  It gave us all hope in 2008 when the Sox were down and out and while they didn’t win that series, the ’07 heroics led to another World Series.  Drew could have been an immortal icon in Boston for that home run had Dave Roberts not stolen second base in 2004.

But in a game where it’s been ‘what have you done for me lately’ Drew never really got on track again. The quiet, mild mannered, Georgia native was prone to injury reducing his playing time while watching his numbers decrease on a rapid pace.  After making $14 million last season, the Red Sox are finally relieved of his burdening contract.

The number 7 will once again be in right field, but only it will be donned by the charismatic, Cody Ross.  A playoff hero in his own right during the 2010 San Francisco Giants run to the World Series, Ross brings a much needed character type personality to the locker room; something that Drew didn’t do, but that was who he was, so you can’t blame the guy.

First Bobby V wears number 25, the number Mike Lowell wore during his time in Boston when he won a championship in 2007. Now Cody Ross will wear number 7, that of J.D. Drew who was also on that 2007 championship team. All we need now is someone to wear number 38 and 24, then anything can happen.

Cody’s twitter account is @IamCodyRoss for those interested in following him.

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