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Adrian Gonzalez is the best First baseman in MLB! Sez who?


Q:  Is Adrian Gonzalez one of the Top Five First basemen in MLB?

If you are a Red Sox fan, your answer will definitely be: “Yes!”

The experts at FantasyInfoCentral and CDM ranked all MLB First basemen and their conclusions may surprise you.

But, before you skip immediately to the end of this post for their take, take a moment to consider how you would rank these 10:

"Pujols, Fielder, M. Cabrera, Votto, A. Gonzalez,Howard,  Teixeira,  Berkman, Loney, Hosmer"

Here is my ranked list:

Pujols, Fielder, Gonzalez, Votto, Cabrera, Howard, Teixeira, Loney, Hosmer, Berkman

Do you agree with my first five?

Pujols, Fielder, Gonzalez, Votto, Cabrera

Do you agree with my ranking?

Pujols, Fielder, Gonzalez, Votto, Cabrera

CDM, does not agree with me or FantasyInfoCentral, about the how the Top Five should be ranked.  Today CDM decided to move Cabrera off the First base list and onto the 3b roster, because RotoWorld is reporting today that, with the arrival of Fielder, Cabrera will shift to 3b, where CDM ranks him #1, with Yook in the 8 slot.

FantasyInfoCentral and I have the same five First basemen, but in a different order.

Mine: Pujols, Fielder, Gonzalez, Votto, Cabrera


Now, you can look at the chart…

Adrian GonzalezBOS159630.338.410.548108453271171741191259.49
Miguel CabreraDET161572.344.448.586111480301052108891249.62
Albert PujolsLAA147579.299.366.5411052903799961581186.21
Prince FielderMIL162569.299.415.566953613812011071061177.41
Joey VottoCIN161599.309.416.5311014032910381101291152.64

Surprised? Let’s remember that this is for the standard Fantasy baseball games, which very rarely include fielding stats.  But, WTF, using the official MLB stats, let’s see how these five did with the glove:

"Fld%         INNINGS1. Kotchman    .998           1222.12. Gonzalez       .997           1352.2        Teixeira        .997            1274.0          Helton          .997              987.2[NOTE: MLB listed a tie for second place with the three above players; I ranked them, using total innings played.]7.  Votto             .996            1427.217. Pujols            .992           1260.120. Cabrera        .991             1322.021.  Fielder          .990            1394.2"

If we take the Top Five First basemen, ranked offensively by FantasyInfoCentral: Gonzalez, Cabrera, Pujols, Fielder, Votto and the Top Five from the CDM rankings list: Votto, Gonzales, Fielder, Pujols, Teixeira, we note that Adrian Gonzalez finishes 1st and 2nd.  If we factor in the MLB defensive stat [Fielding average], Gonzalez places 2nd [.997] to Kotchman [.998] and Votto, Gonzalez’ offensive rival, ranks 7th [.996].

Next time you are at the tavern, talkin’ baseball, you could make the case that, considering the rankings of two major fantasy websites [using offensive stats only] Gonzalez places #1 [FantasyInfoCentral] and #2 [CDM], behind Votto combined with the official MLB defensive rankings [Gonzalez #2, Votto #7], Adrian Gonzalez is the best First basemen in MLB.


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