President Obama Introduces the World Champion St Louis Cardinals as “Greatest Comeback Team in Baseball History”


Did you hear the other day when President Obama called the St Louis Cardinals the greatest comeback team in baseball history?  Hmmmm Not so fast Mr. President.  Maybe the Cardinals were the best comeback team of 2011 but a far cry from history.  I would think Tampa Bay fans would even dispute that proclamation.  Maybe he meant to say best comeback team since he has been in office.  That would make sense.  Even if I wasn’t a Red Sox fan, I would say the 2004 Red Sox was the greatest comeback team of all time.  Is there even a close second?

I don’t want to take anything from the Cardinals or their fans.  What they did this past season was incredible.  Coming back and winning the Wild Card over the Braves, down to the last strike -twice in game six against Texas.  But if anyone besides  Nelson Cruz was the right fielder, that ball by Freese is caught for the last out.  Game and series to Texas and they would have been visiting the White House.

What happened to the days which the President would call to congratulate the manager in the club house after his team won a World Championship?  Even that was a little lame, because the manager could never hear what the President was saying over the celebration going on.  But, that is still better than this visits to the White House where the President has to come up with some new accolades to congratulate the Champions.

If I had to pick the greatest comeback teams of all time, my top 3 would be:

2004-Red Sox  Coming back from 0-3 to beat your biggest rival in sports history

2007-Red Sox Down 3-1 to Cleveland in ALCS.  Didn’t everyone think we had them right where we wanted them?

1978-New York Yankees  Same reason as 2004 Red Sox.  Improbable comeback to catch the Red Sox to force one game playoff and then Bucky “F——-G” Dent happened.

So congratulations St Louis, you were the greatest comeback team in 2011 and you deserve to be World Champions, but greatest ever?  I don’t think so.

I would be interested in who you think was the greatest comeback teams of all time.

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