Poll Results: Red Sox can’t win AL East? Think again.


In our latest poll we asked you the readers if the Red Sox had a chance to win the AL East with the current starting pitching rotation.  The question was prompted after Friday the 13th proved to be a nightmare when the hated New York Yankees went out and upgraded their rotation by acquiring Michael Pineda and signing Hiroki Kuroda.

The votes have been tallied and the results are in.  A total of 419 votes were cast and 77% of you feel that the Red Sox don’t have a hope in hell of winning the division with the current rotation.  Maybe that’s a good thing.

With Roy Oswalt still unsigned, Matt Garza and Gavin Floyd available through trade the Sox have options to add a proven, bonified starter.  But Cherington remains committed to his plan of investing in low cost starters with the hope that one or two can provide adequate outings resulting in valuable innings being occupied.  Besides, either Garza or Floyd would require a handful of grade A prospects to go the other way and the Red Sox don’t appear to be panicking just yet.

Come late July if the club is in desperate need of another starter, maybe then will be the time to unload a Will Middlebrooks for Matt Garza.  Until then it may be a patch work effort to fill out the rotation.

Let the Yankees have all the attention, they prefer it that way.  Remember 2004 when the Yankees were supposed to steamroll everyone on their way to the World Series?  How did that turn out for them.  Add in the Tampa Bay Rays who many are saying is the best team in baseball and the Red Sox don’t have a hope in hell to win the AL East or get into the playoffs according to many.

Maybe this underdog role will be good for the club and some of the egos on it.  Maybe it’ll be enough to recreate the “idiots” mentality where a loose bunch of misfits decides it’s time to raise a little hell of their own and disrupt all the preseason predictions.  Nothing is ever won or lost in January, February or March.  You might as well throw April in there too, so for what’s it worth, I voted for “Yes – anything can happen.”  Because it can.

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