Video of the Year: Remy & Orsillo Laugh Hysterically at Grabby Boyfriend


It’s been quite a 2011 for the Red Sox and their fans and as we get set to welcome in 2012 I thought it was worth looking back at what you can arguably say was the best video of the year.

Who can forget the game in early July when the Red Sox were at home to the Baltimore Orioles.  As always, NESN was covering the game and as Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy welcome the audience back from a commercial break, the cameraman captures the guy below reaching over and nonchalantly grabbing his female companion’s chest.  Well if that’s not funny enough, Remy and Orsillo’s next two minutes of silence with mixed in giggles and then Orsillo’s high pitched efforts to call the game are down right gut busting.

Orsillo tries to regain composure and does so for about a minute, but he loses it again and squeaks out “this used to be a family show.”  Yes, even the announcers are prone to moments of tear jerking laughter.

Despite their being perhaps more lows than highs during the Red Sox 2011 season, this video is worth revisiting.  Thanks to our friends over at Red Sox Monster for the vide0.  Enjoy and Happy New Year.

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