A FanSided Christmas Wish List for every MLB Team


Tis the season for giving and receiving and as loyal Red Sox fans I feel we’ve been quite patient to receive.  We continue to give our loyal support and undying devotion with the expectation that we receive a team that “loves us back.” (Yes I took that from Fever Pitch).  This particular holiday season appears to have been overtaken by the grinch which could lead to a new book for Red Sox fans titled “The Grinch Who Stole the Red Sox Hot Stove.”

But we still have our Christmas lists differing by opinions on what move Ben Cherington should make to help improve this now famous ball club thanks to a historic September.  The writers at the MLB Fansided network got together and compiled a Christmas Wish List.  After the jump you’ll see what us Red Sox writers are wishing for and you’ll see the link to the entire article featuring each team’s wish list.

Bill Smith’s List:

“I wish that Jason Varitek and Tim Wakefield would retire gracefully with heads held high for a job well done. And while it does not involve baseball, I wish never to hear the name Tim Tebow again.

Earl Nash’s List:

“1. Batteries for the Carl Crawford action figure I got last Xmas.

2. A manager who drinks strong coffee black, not wussy green tea.

3. Require FOX baseball to forbid shouting by hosts; we are not deaf; yelling stupid things does not make them any less stupid.

4. Ryan Madson as closer and Bard and Aceves in the rotation.”

Derek Stykalo’s List:

“1. A new Heidi Watney for NESN

2. A new cell phone for Carl Crawford so he can accept Bobby Valentine’s calls and/or text messages

3. A starting pitcher, preferably Gio Gonzalez

4. A new Heidi Watney for NESN – yes I have it twice, cause I really, really want one.”

For the rest of the MLB Fansided wish list, click here.

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