Will Theo Save the Red Sox 2012 Season? Darvish Decision Due Today



“Well, it’s finally official. The debate can end knowing that Yu Darvish won’t be playing for the New York Yankees in 2012. [Bleacher Report]

Buster OlneyMost folks guessing/assuming Jays have won Darvish bidding. But just got off the phone with an AL exec who speculates smart $ is on Rangers.

The Texas Rangers have no choice but to redouble their efforts in pursuit of Japanese pitching phenom Yu Darvish. [Bleacher Report]

Yesterday we heard that the Blue Jays bid north of $40MM, making them the favorites for the 25-year-old right-hander. The Rangers, Yankees, and Cubs also submitted bids.[Franz Lidz, SI.com]

The Blue Jays have submitted a winning bid worth $48 million (via Business Insider). That report was disputed when a rumor that Darvish’s winning bid was higher than Daisuke Matsuzaka’s $51.1 million bid surfaced.

The market of teams pursuing the 25-year-old righty is slim, with the Rangers and the Toronto Blue Jays as the front-runners.  [Sporting News]

Yu Darvish Sweepstakes Winner Might, Might Not Be Texas Rangers

Dec 19 3:05p by Jeff Sullivan

Theo Epstein may yet save the 2012 Red Sox season, if his bid, on behalf of the Cubs, wins the Yu Darvish Derby.

If the Blue Jays are the high bidder and are able to work out a contract with the Japanese pitching star, it could mean the Red Sox will be out of the playoffs for a long time; adding Darvish would be enough to propel Toronto into the Wild Card slot from the AL East.

Although they have until tomorrow to announce acceptance of the high bid for the rights to attempt to negotiate a contract with Darvish, sources say the Nippon Ham Fighters will make the announcement today.

Sources say that the Red Sox did NOT submit a bid for Darvish and neither did the Yankees, which leaves Toronto, Texas, and the Cubs still in the mix.

The best ending to the Darvish Drama for the Red Sox would be Theo’s Cubs signing the former Nippon Ham Fighter, where he would influence the Wild Card race in the NL Central.

The next best ending to the Darvish Drama for the Red Sox would see him in a Rangers’ uniform, where he would influence the Wild Card race in the AL West.

The worst case scenario for the Red Sox would see Darvish pitching for the Blue Jays and, according to our calculations, give Toronto the Wild Card slot in the AL East.
[SEE: https://bosoxinjection.com/2011/12/18/darvish-disaster-jays-could-knock-sox-off-wild-card-perch/]

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