Welcome to the Club Bobby V.


Despite Bobby Valentine being introduced to the fans and media last week at Fenway Park, it is only now that he will officially be accepted by Red Sox Nation.  On Wednesday afternoon while in Dallas for the winter meetings, Valentine, along with all the other club’s managers met with the media for an interview session.  It was there that Valentine declared that he hates the Yankees.  Music to a Red Sox fans ears.

When asked about the rivalry between Boston and New York, Valentine answered the way only Valentine can; bluntly.

“I hate the Yankees,” Valentine said. “I don’t want to waste this valuable time talking about the Yankees. This is too valuable. I told Joe Girardi I used to love him, but now I hate him.” – courtesy Didier Morais of NESN.

Consider this a little gasoline on the fire that is the Red Sox and Yankees rivalry.

Joe Girardi then passed Valentine en route to taking Bobby’s seat with the press.  The two exchanged smiles and that’s about it.  Are they playing it up?  Yeah, likely, but it’s intriguing none the less.

Girardi then took his own opportunity to throw a little gas on the fire.  Bobby V left his bottle of water on the table and the Yankees skipper took full advantage.

“I don’t want Bobby’s water, I don’t know what he did to it,” Girardi said.- courtesy of NESN.

Here we are in November and the greatest rivalry in sport continues despite being almost four months from the start of the regular season.  But there’s never a bad time for a little Yankee bashing.

Bobby V has officially cemented his position with Red Sox Nation.  He’s joined the Yankees haters club and all I can say is: welcome to the club Bobby, welcome to the club.  I have a feeling he’s going to fit right into Boston.

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