Farrell for Buchholz-Is it worth it


According to an NESN report, second hand from the New York Times ands Fox Sports, the Toronto Blue Jays will lift their prohibition against the Red Sox talking to John Farrell to be manager. Under the proposal, if Farrell accepts the job, the Jays get  pitcher Clay Buchholz. You will recall that the Jays would not permit other teams to speak to their folks for a lateral transfer. Under the arcane rules of baseball,  the Jays would be entitled to compensation for such a transfer and now they want Buchholz.  The 27 year old right hander missed most of the last season for neck issues, but has been considered a potential savior in rearranging the starting rotation debacle left over from the past season.

Whether the deal goes through on these terms or some other agreement, it is clear that Ben Cherington is not happy with any of the available managerial candidates. Farrell had always been mentioned as the first choice  to replace Terry Francona as manager, but the Blue Jays blocked it. Mr. Farrell was the long time pitching coach for the Red Sox until he went to the Jays as their skipper. Bucky would be a big loss, but what do we have if he stays and we have a manager that the team doesn’t like, It is an old chestnut that there is no I in team. If we can get Farrell for Buchholz, we would lose one good player but get a proven  leader that would be a positive influence on the rest of the team  and bring order out of chaos.  I don’t think it will happen, but if the reports are true, I, for one, am for it. It’s a no brainer when we are apparent dealing with a group than needs one.

This story is still developing.

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