Exit Heidi-Enter Molly (?)


The Red Sox powers  cannot seem to decide who is charge, reminding us of a Max Sennett movie. NESN, the media outlet for Fenway Sports group has it’s  ducks in a row. Earlier, within the last few days, those who must be obeyed, exercised surprisingly sound judgment in keeping Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy on board in the broadcast booth;  the combination of their knowledge and chemistry make them one of the best teams in the business.

The question still remained as what to do about the considerable(?) void left by the retreating Ms. Watney. That question appears  near answering,  with utilization of a heretofore unrealized acuity .  Based on a very reliable source, I have learned that the probable new on field announcer is to be Molly Sullivan. With a name like that, how could she not be a hit in Boston. Her background and credentials indicate we shall be the beneficiaries of excellent and  insightful  reporting .  She is currently in Las Vegas, her home town, doing work with Mountain West Sports network covering UNLV  and other area teams

She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (a real college) where she became a nationally ranked swimmer. She set the school record for the fastest mile. She has experience in reporting all sports; she has been in journalism for seven years and in the time she has covered NBA Summer League, NBA All-Star Weekend, USA Basketball Men’s National Team, FIBA Americas Championship, NHL, UFL, AFL, MLB, MLS, NASCAR, Marathon Series, PGA Tour, ATP World Tour, World Series of Poker, MMA and a number of professional boxing matches. She also hosts her own TV show She has covered the waterfront.

In short, she is  a seas0ned , when we needed a seasoned veteran. In reading about her background, she has wanted to a sports reporter since memory of man runneth not to the contrary and her res0lution in  in achieving that goal  speaks volumes has to her lineage, focus and tenacity.  One hopes, with those outstanding qualities, she can become a  stabilizing force in a near chaotic setting. . With Orsillo and Remy in the booth and Ms. Sullivan on the field, we, the fans, will be fully informed about the comings and goings of the Sox.  Don and Jerry are both a tad superstitious which I understand is a trait of Ms. Sullivan as well.   If you’re Irish, you come with superstitions at birth. It comes with the post natal smack on the bottom In reading the runes, all signs point to a solid decision and a bright future. If you want or need more detail, check her web page out at www.mollysullivan.tv; the truth be known her accomplishments are strewn throughout the web.

While the sputterings  around in the front office has bred frustration amonst the groundlings, the probable anointing of   Ms. Sullivan   heralds  badly needed good news;  not hiring her would overshadow the Babe Ruth trade and we certainly don’t need another curse.Let’s hope this signals the beginning of like progress.  Ms. Sullivan, in addition to being an excellent addition to the media staff at NESN,  will need little time to be brought up to speed as she is a lifelong Red Sox fan, which she attributes, in part, to her strong Irish roots. Being one who shares her ancestry, I say welcome aboard.    Cead mile failte.

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