Bobby V or Gene Lamont, An Easy Decision for Red Sox


With Thanksgiving merely days away, it appears as though the Red Sox will not fill their manager position that has sat vacant for over six weeks now.  But there is progress being made.

Here’s what we know so far.  Bobby V is a candidate and likely the front runner for the job.  Sandy Alomar Jr. is out of contention as Ben Cherington let us all know that yesterday.  Torey Lovullo is still in the running, although there has been no announcement as to his next meeting with managemenet.  Finally, Gene Lamont, the Tigers third base coach will meet with owners sometime this week for his second interview.

As the list narrows, is this Bobby V’s job to lose?

The always eccentric Bobby Valentine met with the owners last week and yesterday he had the task of convincing Ben Cherington why he should become the Red Sox next manager.  There are many pros about Valentine that would make him a great fit in Boston.  His baseball smarts are always being brought up, although every Sunday night he reminds you of how smart he is. He’s a hard nosed character that has had success overseas in Japan and who guided his New York Mets to the World Series in 2000, only to fall to the Yankees.  So it’s safe to say his hate for the Yankees will be at the level it needs to be to work in Boston.

Some of the concerns or baggage that comes with Valentine include a chaotic clubhouse in 2002 with his beloved Mets.  Reports of players using drugs, sloughing off and a complete gong show have resurfaced since Bobby V has become a candidate for Boston, suggesting that the way he runs his clubhouse may not be all that different than that of Terry Francona.  Given the way the season ended last year this is concerning when you consider the Sox have a couple of reckless, care free personalities on the team.

But Bobby V is a likable, charismatic character who never minces words when he’s upset.  You know he will handle the Boston media and given his experience in the dugout, he just might be the best fit for the job.  I know I have been screaming for his name to be in consideration from the outset.

Despite Valentine meeting with Cherington and the owners, it appears that the search will continue.  Gene Lamont will have his second interview later this week, meaning the Bobby better not move into Yawkey Way just yet.

Lamont also brings a plethora of experience from a lifetime in baseball.  But his knock comes in the form of not managing for so many years, over a decade to be exact.

His last stint ended in 2000 when Lamont managed the Pirates for four seasons.  Prior to that he was the skipper for the Chicago White Sox for four plus years in the windy city.

While he has the experience of managing, should being out of the role for a decade matter?  When you’re up against a guy like Bobby V it appears it does.  No one is really giving Lamont a chance to get this job and when you compare the two I have to agree.  Lamont will likely manage again one day, I just don’t think Boston is the place.

Sure he has the experience of working alongside Jim Leyland, but he hardly appears to be the type to role into Fenway and straighten this team out.

It appears that all signs are pointing to Valentine as the next manager, so maybe we should brace ourselves for some tense, awkward press conferences next summer.

Of course there is a wild card in all this; Torey Lovullo hasn’t been told he’s out of the running, so for now we better keep an eye on him.

Ahhh, these are good times brought to you courtesy of the Red Sox owners.

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