Red Sox Housecleaning Continues, Heidi Watney the Next One to Fall


The radio waves have been buzzing the past couple of days over the departure of NESN reporter Heidi Watney.  First, Tito, then Theo and lastly Paps have left the Sox, but it is Heidi that is making listeners to call in and express their displeasure.  The suicide watch throughout the “Nation” is on high alert.  Heidi is off to Hollywood to be the Los Angeles Lakers sideline reporter.

Heidi states the reasoning for her resignation was so she could move closer to home.  Really Heidi?  Do you really expect us to believe that?  A woman in her 30’s with a blossoming career needs to move closer to her home?  Rumor has it that Heidi like Papelbon felt unappreciated and not getting the respect she deserved.  I think it is more about the humiliation and embarrassment the Red Sox ownership has endured since the September collapse.  They are more than determined to do some serious damage control and rid themselves of any and all distractions.  Lets face it their have been a couple of rumored indiscretions with Heidi going on inside the clubhouse.  But, we don’t need to get into that.  It’s just another opportunity to clean house this off season.

I do think Heidi was a great compliment to the NESN gang and I’m sure she will be missed.  I just hope the next time we see Heidi that she isn’t sitting between Jack Nicolson and Dyan Cannon asking what their thoughts are about Kobe.  How disgusting is that image Boston fans?

One parting note before we bid Heidi adieu.  She does know that there is a work stoppage in Basketball right now, doesn’t she?  This means she resigned to be unemployed?  Well at least she will be closer to home; she might need to have a room that is rent free for a while.  For all of you distressed men, don’t worry, WEEI is looking out for your best interests and Heidi’s replacement won’t disappoint you.

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