Sveum Set to Join Cubs, Shows Cherington May Not Be in Charge


It’s being reported that Dale Sveum is set to join Theo Epstein in Chicago as the new manager for the Cubs. The move will leave the Red Sox without a manager as Sveum was eluded to be the number one choice to take over for the now well departed Terry Francona.  But was Sveum really the favorite for the Red Sox or was he the favorite for Ben Cherington?

According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the Red Sox owners didn’t necessarily agree with Cherington when it came to Sveum joining the Red Sox.

The former Brewers coach was and still is high on Cherington’s list of candidates for a manager, in fact he was the only one who was brought back for a second interview, at least up to this point.  Cherington appeared ready to make an offer to Sveum, but in typical intervening fashion, the owners stuck their nose in the decision.

Rosenthal goes on to say in his article that the owners may not have Cherington’s back when it comes to Sveum.

“Ben Cherington, held Dale Sveum in a high regard, holds him in high regard. Brings him in, has a second interview, meets with the owners, then he does not get an offer. That would indicate to you that Cherington is not making the final call. … You would think in Ben Cherington’s first major decision that ownership would stand behind him. That does not appear to be what happened here.”

Here we go again right?  Does this not sound similar to the complaints that Theo Epstein had about the owners, particularly Larry Luchhino?

At the end of the day, the manager decision should be ultimately left to that of Ben Cherington.  He is the GM, he is the guy responsible if it doesn’t work out.  The owners need to exactly that, the owners.  Stay the hell out of the baseball operations.

My colleague and creative writer Bill Smith said it best in his article “The Times They Need To Be AChangin'”  when he looks at how the owners have taken this team and made a mess of it, because of their hunger to be involved.

Now Ben Cherington is left with four candidates, one who is no longer being considered; Pete Mackanin.  Second interviews appear to be next for Sandy Alomar Jr. and Torey Luvullo.

Rumblings have also come out that the Red Sox will now expand their search for the next manager, leaving one to believe they are rethinking their strategy of hiring a manager with little to no experience.  If the owners were comfortable with this strategy then what was stopping them from making an offer to Dale Sveum?  Perhaps they woke up the other morning and hit their head on the side of the bed and realized that the club is better off hiring a manager who has experience, someone who can handle the pressure cooker that is Boston.  Someone like a Bobby Valentine or Charlie Manuel.

Why doesn’t Ben take the weekend to recoup and recharge.  Oh wait, that’s what he said he’s doing.

Whatever happened to the plan of acting swiftly and efficiently when finding a manager?  The plan was to have someone in place by Thanksgiving.  Last time I checked, the turkey holiday is next week, leaving Ben and the three amigo’s just three days to find their man.  But take your time fellas, the Cubs and Cardinals already have their manager in place, so you now have a wide selection to choose from and won’t have to worry about them snapping up your number two or number three choice.

Looks like turkey dinner will be one with many questions still surrounding this ball club.  Perhaps the biggest question being, who’s really in charge here?

Tito, we miss you already.

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