Gonzalez is the poster-boy for MLB video game


Red Sox first baseman, Adrian Gonzalez will be featured on the cover of the highly popular video game, MLB the Show ’12. 

Gonzalez who has been in Boston for only one year continues to see his stardom and popularity rise.  Playing in a major market has helped Gonzo’s name become a more recognized name amongst the baseball world and now being the face of one of the most popular video games will only see his fame skyrocket.

Think of all the young, impressionable kids who will play this game that might not have known who Adrian Gonzalez was.  After smashing a few home runs with Gonzo, not only will Gonzalez become more popular, but so will the Red Sox.  A young fanbase tends to follow the team that their parents cheer for, but also connect with teams via video games.

This is the second current Red Sox player to grace the cover of MLB the Show in the past four years.  Dustin Pedroia had the distinct pleasure of posing for the game in 2009, following his MVP season. 

Does this mean we can look forward to more commercials plugging the video game that will have Gonzalez playing a role?  I sure hope so.  Who could forget Pedey going on and on about how he can hit the high fastball.  Great stuff!

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