The Red Sox Free Agent Roundup


Lot’s of talk, very little action.  That’s been the case so far for the Red Sox at the start of the free agent offseason.  While the hot stove remains stoked, there hasn’t been a whole lot of action from many teams up to this point.  The Philadelphia Phillies have been by far and away the most aggressive up to this point as they try and complete a long-term deal with their closer Ryan Madson

The Red Sox need to address their starting pitching and they’ve made it a known fact that they would like to pursue a right handed bat outfielder.  Many names are being thrown around so perhaps it’s a good idea to sum up just exactly who it is the Red Sox are looking at and what do we know about the situation.

As I mentioned, the Phillies are being over the top aggressive with both Madson and Jonathan Papelbon.  While it appears Madson could get the deal, Papelbon is believed to still be in the running to go to the city of brotherly love.  For the Red Sox, if Madson gets his 4-year, $44 million dollar deal then Papelbon’s price will echo that of Mariano Rivera.  Is he worth $15 million a year, possibly more? 

Heath Bell has said he would prefer to stay on the west coast but is intrigued by the idea of playing for the Red Sox.  His name has not been menti0ned as much with the Red Sox, but still a possibility.  If Madson signs inPhilly, it’s a good bet that either Papelbon or Bell will ink with Boston. 

The outfield soap opera continues and it’s once again reflective of what the Phillies want to do.  Michael Cuddyer went to Philadelphia on Wednesday, met with team officials and toured Citizen’s Bank Park.  The Phillies want the gritty Cuddyer, but may want him to play third base and first base, two positions Cuddyer has played before, but not his natural spots. 

The Red Sox have expressed interest in Cuddyer, but nothing like the Phillies have.  While Cuddyer is my choice for right field, it appears he too could be lost to the Phillies.

Carlos Beltran‘s name is again on the radar in Boston as an option for right field.  According to Sports Illustrated, Jon Heyman, the Red Sox have expressed interest in the former New York Met and could offer him a two-year deal.  The article doesn’t mention how much the deal could be worth, but we know this; Beltran won’t come cheap. 

Another name that has been circulating for right field is Grady Sizemore.  An injury filled season last year has Sizemore as a bit of a gamble, but a lower price tag may attract the Red Sox to take a chance on the former Cleveland all-star.  Although his name has fizzled a little in the last week or so, with more attention going to Beltran. 

Finally, on the pitching front, which is clearly the biggest need for the Red Sox this offseason.  A report from NESN’s Mark Cole, the Red Sox have gotten in on the Mark Buehrle scene.  The problem is the lefty starter is also garnering a lot of interest from the Yankees, White Sox, Rangers, Jays and the newly named, Miami Marlins.   As Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reported, Buehrle recently took a took a tour of the Marlins new facility.  Signing in Miami would reunite Buehrle with his former skipper Ozzie Guillen, so the Marlins could have an edge. 

Roy Oswalt was said to be on Boston’s radar, but this was a couple weeks back already.  Oswalt’s weary back has many teams approaching with caution and consider how Oswalt would get pounded when pitching against the fierce AL East, his likelihood of signing with Boston is dwindling faster than Kim Kardashian’s love for Kris Humphries. 

Of course we haven’t even touched on the managerial search and who’s in contention and who’s an outsider.  Look for some information on that in the near future.

That’s about all for this roundup, but as things continue to heat up, check back in as we’ll continue to provide some insight as it happens.

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