Fansided AL Rookie of the Year


As the postseason rolls on, so to do the Fansided year end awards.

The next award to recognize the personal achievements f0r a superior season is the AL Rookie of the Year.  You can view the article on the Fansided site Call to the Pen where the results are also displayed.  You’ll see it was a very tight race amongst the Fansided writers, but in the end it was Eric Hosmer of the Kansis City Royals that was voted as the Fansided AL Rookie of the Year.

The staff at BoSox Injection had a mixed vote on who we felt was the deserving recipient.  It ranged from Hosmer, to Ivan Nova, but it was Mark Trumble of the LA Angels that garnered the most of our votes.  Hosmer is an outstanding rookie, there is no doubting that.  But the majority of the staff here at BoSox felt that Trumble had better numbers than Hosmer and was perhaps a little more consistent all year long. 

None the less, it’s a total of all the Fansided MLB writers that vote and in the end it was Hosmer that collected the most votes.

You’ll notice when you read the article that the Red Sox Josh Reddick never made the top 15 in this list.  I don’t agree with that.  I’m not saying Reddick deserved the award, but I certainly think he was amongst the top 15 rookies in the American League.  But hey, I’m just one voice. 

I invite your comments on this.  Do you think Reddick is worthy of being included in the top 15 rookies?

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