And You Think Carl Crawford is a Waste of Money?


Carl Crawfordhas been getting torn up in Red Sox Nation for his miserable and disappointing season.  Well cheer up red Sox fans.  If you thought Crawford has it bad, how would you like to be Alex Rodriguez this morning?  Talk about over spending on a egotistical choke.  For the second consecutive year, the Yankees season came to an end with A-Rod striking out.  Hey Yankee fans, where is Kate Hudson when you need her?  The price tag for A-Rod’s choking?   A paltry thirty two million a year.  You read that right $32,000,000.00

Yes, Crawford stunk up Boston this year and here we fans are complaining about the money we spent to bring him here.  Crawford’s salary, $14,857,143.00, almost half of A-Rods.   Statistically, when all is said and done, A-Rod is going to look like the greatest player of all time.  With the exception of 2009, he has to be considered as the biggest choke of all time too.  His strike out in the seventh inning with one out and the bases loaded was vintage A-Rod.  Who didn’t see that coming?  I was relieved to see him as the one walking to the plate.  As usual, he didn’t disappoint.  Down he went without a fight.  All he had to do was get his bat on the ball and the outcome of the game might have been different.  This from the highest paid athlete in the world.  Just think only six short more years left on his contract.  Good luck with that.

Shockingly no team from the supposedly best division in baseball will be represented in the ALCS.  Take a seat with us Yankee and Rays fans and watch the Tiger or Rangers head to the World Series.

Thank you most of all, Alex Rodriguez, you just made this disappointing season a little easier to swallow this morning.  I know there are many Yankee haters out there enjoying this day as much as me, but you have to think somewhere Carl Crawford is giving a big sigh of relief.  Yes Carl, you’re not the biggest bust of the year.  That goes to the player wearing pinstripes with the #13 on his back.

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