Series 6 Pack: Baltimore Orioles


It’s the final 6 pack of the season on the most important series for the Red Sox this year.  159 games down and 3 to go.  The Red Sox are desperately trying to hold off the Rays so they can limp into the postseason.  If they hope to do so they must, I repeat MUST win this series.  Even that might not be good enough to guarantee the Wild Card but it will guarantee a one game playoff.

Josh Beckett takes the mound tonight for Boston and he’ll once again have the weight of a nation on his shoulders.  He should be used to it as he’s been the go to guy all year for this club and he has delivered on more than one account. 

Will it be one of the greatest collapses in MLB history or will the Red Sox give us at least another week of baseball in the postseason?  We’ll find out in the next three games.

In this 6 pack we’re discussing the great collapses, the Orioles’ fans rooting for Tampa and World Series predictions amongst other discussions.  Enjoy!

1.       What kind of buzz is around Baltimore on Monday knowing their club has a chance to knock the heavyweight Red Sox out of the postseason, a team many picked as the favorite to win it all before the season started?

– I think it’s pretty exciting for fans. The Orioles have struggled through another very bad season and there hasn’t been much to look forward to since July. However, since the Orioles can seal the fate of the Red Sox, fans are excited. There’s a purpose to win these last 3 games. It actually matters.

2.       It’s basically come down to the Red Sox or Rays as to who will win the Wild Card thanks to the Angels losing a couple games down the stretch.  What is the consensus with Orioles’ fans as to who they want to get in?

– I know I want to see the Rays get in. Even though I hate both teams, it’s easier to despise the Red Sox since they’re always good and always dominate the Orioles. If the Rays get in, they won’t get past the first round but I definitely think all Orioles fans want to see the Rays pull this off.

3.       In your opinion, is this the biggest collapse in baseball if the Red Sox fail to make the playoffs?

– No this is not the biggest collapse ever. It’s major, no doubt, and the biggest collapse since I’ve been alive and even before that. But to me the biggest collapse of all time was the 1964 Phillies.

4.       Why is Brian Matusz still starting for the Orioles?

– Haha GREAT question. I’ve been asking this since he first came back. He’s not the same Matusz and it’s really really hard to chalk this all up to an injury. I’m sorry but a great pitcher doesn’t get hurt, come back, and then proceed to pitch to the worst ERA in the history of MLB for a pitcher with at least 10 starts. That doesn’t happen. I’m truly worried about this kid. As for why he’s still pitching this season, the Orioles have no one else. I think Showalter is just trying to give him some confidence by putting him out there like it sends the message of: “I believe in you. I know you can do it.” Unfortunately, he can’t. At this point, I wouldn’t give him a spot in the starting rotation next year unless he pulls a miraculous recovery and has an amazing Spring. We’ll see I guess.

5.       Give us your predictions for the postseason.  Who will square off in the World Series and who wins it?

– It’s hard to say really. I had the Phillies (my favorite NL team) as a shoe-in, but they’ve been awful lately. And for some reason, I have a gut feeling that the Cardinals make it to the play-offs over the Braves. If I had to pick right now, I’ll still go with the Phillies against the Yankees. A re-match and that the Yankees take it again. Tigers might cause the Yankees some trouble though.

6.       Breakdown the pitching matchups for us and what is your prediction on this final series of the season between Boston and Baltimore?

– This is looking to be a great series. Tonight’s game could go either way. Tommy Hunter won the match-up last week but the Red Sox need it so I think Beckett will do what he needs to do. I think Britton wins on Tuesday against ex-Oriole Bedard. But, I think the Red Sox take the series in the clutch when they need to and get it done. It will all come down to how the Rays do and Sox fans will be rooting for the Yankees…weird.

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