Lackey Is Whackey


John Lackey arguably pitched his best game of the season on Sunday night and he put the Red Sox in a terrific position to win the game, in which they did.  No one expected this kind of performance from Lackey based on his season thus far. 

It was a fine outing as Big John went six-plus innings, allowing four runs (three earned) on just five hits while only throwing 86 pitches.  A fine outing indeed.

But once again when Terry Francona came to relieve Lackey in the seventh, it appeared Lackey did everything he could to  not reach out and stroke Tito.  After Lackey had given up a leadoff single to Eric Chavez, Francona decided it was time to go to his bullpen.  This time Lackey didn’t stare him down with his dagger eyes, but rather he chose not to look at his boss and swear and pout all the way to the dugout.  Was it directed at Francona?  It sure appeared that way.

Lackey would continue to have a disgusted and angry scowl on his face for a good inning after he was yanked from the game; still muttering explicit words to himself while shaking his head in disbelief that he, of all pitchers actually got pulled from the game.  How dare Terry Francona put the team before John Lackey.  How dare Francona not allow Lackey to continue the inning and see if he can get three more outs.  After all, this is John Lackey we’re talking about here.  The same guy that has an ERA over 6.00 (the second highest in the majors amongst qualified starters).  The same guy that didn’t last two full innings in one of his starts in September.  In case you didn’t pick up on it, there was just a tad of sarcasm there.

After the game we find out that Lackey decides to rip into the media members when they were asking him about his fine performance in what turned out to be the biggest win for the Red Sox up to this point.  Lackey claims he received a text message from a media member only 30 minutes before the game asking about his most recent personal problem, divorce from his wife Krista.

It has also been made public that John has been accused of throwing pots and pans at his wife at some point during their marriage.  Krista Lackey has spent the past year battling breast cancer and it was evident that his personal life was affecting his professional life.

Now, I don’t agree with the text message, if it was actually sent from a media member that follow the Red Sox.  Perhaps Lackey should do his homework and find out whether it really was a beat writer for the Red Sox who somehow got his cell number and decided to text him before the game or if this was a prank pulled from some idiot fan of another team.

Regardless, Lackey has every right to be upset about it, but here’s a little tip for Lackey, do your homework before you start shooting your mouth off to the same guys that write about you everyday.  I get that he’s had a frustrating year at home, but be a professional about it and leave it at home.  Don’t bring your personal baggage to the ballpark everyday and make a public spectacle about it.  It’s too bad your fastball wasn’t as quick as your temper and you might’ve been able to get a few more batters out this year.

Is anyone else tired of this whackey, John Lackey and all his baggage and disgusting antics?

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