Red Sox Baseball: From Exciting to Exhausting


For nearly the past five months, Red Sox baseball has been enjoyable to watch.  Despite a rough start in April, this ballclub proved they were as good as everyone had made them out to be in the offseason

They went 80-41 after a 2-10 start and were clearly the best team in baseball during that stretch.  Then September rolled around and this club has been completely exhausting to not only watch, but to wait for them to return to their standard of play we’ve become accustomed to.

Injuries have decimated the starting rotation and has been the reason for some key bats being out of the lineup for extended periods of time.

But when the Red Sox entered the final month of the season, they had a nine game lead on the Wild Card and were still competing for the AL East division title.  They dropped two of three to the Yankees and ever since then it’s been less than enjoyable to watch this club.  A 5-16 record thus far in the month and Red Sox baseball isn’t so enjoyable anymore.

Night after night they continue to find new ways to lose.  Starting pitchers are a complete joke, yes I’m talking about John Lackey.  The bullpen has gone from the best in the league to the laughing stock of the league.  The power bats have all but dried up, except for the odd night when they decide to plate double digit runs.  This team appears to be on the verge of an epic, collosal collapse and the fans are suffering with the players.

Every morning I wake up, thinking this will be the day we get a quality start from the starter, the offense will come through with clutch hits and the bullpen will shut the door and secure the win.  By lunchtime I start to get excited.  It’s gameday and I can’t wait to watch Pedey lead this team with his character and hussle.  The end of the working day nears and it’s almost game time.  A quick bite to eat and it’s time to settle in for the Red Sox game.

But lately something has been a little different.  The games start off great and as the game goes on, I start to notice what has become a familiar feeling.  It’s that uneasy feeling that settles into my stomach as the game enters the last few innings.  Uneasy turns to nervousness and borderline nauseated.  One inning later the game has turned completely the wrong way and the Red Sox are now trailing.  Nervousness has now become anger and disbelief.  Not again, not on this night.  We can’t afford another loss.

As the game rolls into the ninth inning, there remains a flicker of hope.  This club has too much fire power to just fade away with a three up, three down inning.  This will be the night one of those trademark comebacks takes place.  Surely it has to right?

Finally, a last dash of optimism turns into disapointment and bitterness.  Another loss for the Red Sox in September and another exhausting night watching them.  To make matters worse, their lead to gain a postseason birth is slowly slipping away.

With just six games to go, I’m exhausted and I don’t even play the games.  It’s tough being a Red Sox fan, but I still have that glimmer of hope.  We’ll get to October, I’m still confident of that.  It’s just been tiresome and frustrating  to get there.

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