On the back half of the doubleheader on Monday, On the back half of the doubleheader on Monday,

Lackey Pouts as Ellsbury Runs Red Sox to Victory


On the back half of the doubleheader on Monday, Jacoby Ellsbury provided one of the most electrifying and enetertaining plays in all of baseball; an inside the park home run.

Not only was it wild and thrilling, but it came at the perfect time as Ellsbury’s “solo shot” padded the lead and was the start of a seven run inning that eventually put the game out of reach as the Red Sox cruised to a 18-9 win. It was the first inside the park home run for the Red Sox since May 28, 2007 when Kevin Youkilis chugged his way around the bases for an inside home run.

It was a wild night that saw a shootout at the plate at Fenway Park as John Lackey did his best to try and blow this game and further shrink the Wild Card lead.  One would think that scoring eleven runs would have been enough, but with the game still within the Orioles reach, Lackey was pulled in the fourth with the Red Sox leading 11-8 and threatening for more. 

After Lackey had dug his club an early 3-0 deficit in the first, the offense refused to fold and fought back for four runs in the bottom half of the inning, led by a three run homer by Jed Lowrie.

The Red Sox bats were able to get to the Orioles pitching all night as ground balls found holes and long fly balls were bouncing off the Monster in left.  It was looking like the game would be over early, but then again, John Lackey was on the mound.

When Terry Francona came to get Lackey in the fifth inning and two runners on, Lackey has the testinal fortitude to stare down Tito!  Are you kidding me Lackey?  You’re going to get all emotional on us at this point of the season because you can’t get your sorry ass out of the fifth inning?  After all the crap we’ve put up with from you this year, you’re going to get upset with your manager for pulling you before you can qualify for the win?  Where’s your sense of awareness on what’s best for the team?  THE TEAM!!!  That’s what matters right now. You’re fighting for your playoff lives and you get sucky because you got pulled after a rough four plus innings.  Get real John.

(Sigh).  My apologies for my outburst.  Lackey’s line looks like this (4.1 IP, 11H, 8 ER, 2BB and 3 SO).  Get Mr. Lackey on the first duckboat out of Boston, I’m done with him.

It’s unfortunate we’re spending any time on discussing Lackey this morning.  It was a huge for win the Sox and there were many fine performances, including Ellsbury’s inside job.  Check out the boxscore for more details.

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