One Small Step for the Red Sox, One Giant Leap for Daniel Bard


Admit it, how many of you held your breath for the entire eighth inning last night?  The only way Daniel Bard was going to get out of his recent slump was to pitch out of out.  Easier said than done for we fans that find ourselves in panic mode this past week.  As soon as Bard strolled to the mound, I suddenly started to gnaw at my fingernails.  I know very bad habit, but years of being a Red Sox fan can do that to a person.  The biggest game of the year and standing on the mound was someone we no longer trusted.  We could scream at the TV or radio until we are hoarse, that wouldn’t change the outcome of the game.  The only one who could make a difference was the man standing alone on the mound.  And what a difference he made !!!

First up was Red Sox nemesis, Johnny Damon.  Damon was fooled so badly on a pitch that he struck out swinging at pitch that hit him in the foot. Relief and jubilation blanketed Fenway Park.  Our fallen hero has come home.  Before the applause ended, Bard hummed four straight balls to Ben Zobrist. Ut oh, here we go again.  Fingernails gone and there is only one out.  Please not again, I think.   Wishing Francona would summons Papelbon to save the day. Francona sticks with Bard and Bard proved the managers instincts were correct as he struck out the next two batters to end the inning.

We all exhaled as we can sensed our wild card lead was about increase to four games.  Is this the return of Bard?  We will find out soon enough.  One game, at a time.  What a game it was too.

Is there anything better than September baseball in the midst of a pennant race?

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