Series 6 Pack: New York Yankees

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Here we go.  Another chapter in the greatest rivalry in all of professional sports is about to be written and there are no shortage of side stories as the New York Yankees come to Boston to take on the Red Sox.

Side story #1 – CC Sabathia tries to avoid yet another loss to Boston and fall to 0-5 on the season against the Red Sox.

Side story #2 – A-Rod is doubtful for the series, and Jeter’s availability may be limited……is age becoming a concern?

Side story #3 – Yankees are making headlines in the world of sports after not being happy with the makeup date for a rainout game with Baltimore.

Side story #4 – The Red Sox enter tonight’s series with a record of 10-2 against NY so far this year.  Only others times they had that type of record against the evil empire was 1912 & 1903 and we all know what happened in those years!

Side story #5 – Ahhh thats enough for now.  This series is bound to bring forth some additional side stories.  For now let’s jump into the Series 6 Pack.  Thanks to Ricky from the Fansided Yanks Go Yard for answering the six pack of questions.  Because it’s the Yanks and Sox, I threw in a bonus question for everyone. 

Also, Ricky does a podcast on the series so if you’re interested in listening to his take, click here.  If the podcast is something you’d like to see on this site, feel free to leave a comment and let me know.  Enjoy!