Jacoby Ellsbury-Mr August

By Editorial Staff

Before the third day of August was over, Jacoby Ellsbury had already collected two walk off hits in the month.  After drilling a game winning single on Tuesday night, Ellsbury did one better by hitting a monstrous home run in the bottom of the ninth in leading the Sox to a 4-3 victory.  Last night game winning blast landed in dead center, the deepest part of Fenway Park.  Two straight nights, two straight wins and two walk off hits.  Not too bad to start the month off.

If Reggie Jackson is Mr. October, Derek Jeter is Mr. November and Dave Winfield is Mr. May, then why not Jacoby Ellsbury as Mr. August?  How did Ellsbury handle his first walk off homer?  Did he stand there and watch it “Manny” style?  No!  Did he do the Ortiz trot? No!  He raced round the base paths like it was an inside the park home run.  Ellsbury has always been on the reserved side, we see very few emotions.  it was tremendous to watch him enjoy his moment.  The fist in the air, the tossing of his helmet as he leaped into his teammates arms waiting for him at home plate.  A classic moment for sure.

I will call him Mr, August for the moment but lets hope we see this when the post season comes.  The we can call him Mr. Clutch and World Champion.

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