One Reason Why the Red Sox Should Not Pursue Carlos Beltran- Josh Reddick

By Editorial Staff

Today, Carlos Beltran expressed his desire to be traded to a National League team if the New York Mets are set on trading him.  Thats ok with me, I was never on board back in the winter when Beltran’s name surfaced as a possible trade.  I am more opposed to it now than I was back then.  Why do we want an aging outfielder with gimpy knees when we have a 24 yr old outfielder in Josh Reddick?

All Reddick has done since being called up is hit for a .358 avg, with a OBP of .407.  Terry Francona recently showed some courage when he designated Reddick the starting right fielder, replacing lifeless J.D. Drew when Carl Crawford came off the DL.  How long can he keep this pace up?  I don’t know but why mess with success.  Along with his offense, Reddick has been flashing plenty of leather in the outfield.  It seems like every game, he is making a great catch or throw.  Look at the amazing leaping catch he made in the extra inning win over Tampa and then yesterday when Seattle could have busted the game up in the first inning, it was Reddick who gunned down Justin Smoak at the plate avoiding further damage.

I know, I know, the one negative against Reddick is that he bats from the left side of the plate.  The Red Sox lineup is too lefty dependent.  If the Sox are going to win the World Series than they might have to go thru leftys like C.C. Sabathia and if they meet the Phillies, as many predict, the tandem of Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels.  These guys are just as tough on right handed batters are they are against left handed.  As of today Reddick is hitting a robust .529 against leftys. 

There is no denying that Beltran is possibly the best outfield option before the trade deadline this year.  He is having a good year, but is he worth the risk?  Fenways Parks tricky right field corners are not made for players with aging and gimpy legs.  Beltran is not easy to overlook and the danger of him landing in Philadelphia is not to be ignored.  But, sometimes the best move that could be made is no move at all.  I like the looks of a Crawford, Ellsbury and Reddick outfield.

I say leave well enough alone right now, if the Sox want to upgrade, they should look at adding another starting pitcher or an upgrade at shortstop.  Besides, remember in 2007 when the Sox had a 23 yr old up and coming outfielder, named Jacoby Ellsbury , he replaced Coco Crisp and how did that work out for everyone? 

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