Random Thoughts of the First Half


With the second half of the season about to begin, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the first half.  Not just about the Red Sox but about all of baseball.  The pennant races in all divisions are tight and I’m looking forward the battles ahead.  We have seen surprises as well as disappointments, in teams and players.  Lets look back…..

Jacoby Ellsbury and David Ortiz are having MVP type seasons but right now it is Adrian Gonzalez‘s  award to lose.

Good to see winning baseball back in city’s like Cleveland and Arizona, but Pittsburgh is this year favorite underdog.

The pitching trio of Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay and Cole Hamels make them the odds on favorite to win it all, especially since they now have home field advantage.  That doesn’t mean I think they will win, they are just the favorites.

As much as I hate the Yankees, I still think C.C. Sabathia should have been an All-Star, a case could be made for Mark Teixiera too.

Speaking of All-Stars, Daniel Bard should have been one over Jon Lester.

Justin Verlander is the American League Cy Young winner so far.

Tampa Bay is proof that good pitching beats good hitting.

I hope Josh Hamilton isn’t affected by the tragedy in Texas.  He has had enough personal struggles for one person in a lifetime.

Can the Twins find a genie in the bottle for another second half run?

Even if they do, they won’t make it out of the first round of the playoffs…again.

Clay Buchholz‘s back has me worried.

The Mets may have no choice but to trade Jose Reyes this month.  Who will the Mets fans have to cheer for then?

Speaking of Reyes, when healthy, he is possibly the most exciting player in baseball.

Jacoby Ellsbury is the second most exciting player, but creeping up on Reyes quickly.

Has anyone seen Manny lately?

Jose Bautista‘s power is freakish.   He proves you don’t need steroids, you just need a good swing.

The Milwaukee Brewers are another feel good story of the year, too bad they will probably lose Prince Fielder

Look up lifeless in the dictionary and you will find a team picture of the Baltimore Orioles.  Is this the new “Oriole’s way”?

Tim Wakefield and Jason Varitek make the Sox better.

I wonder if Ryan Kalish is watching what Josh Reddick is doing in the big leagues. 

Dustin Pedroia is the scrappiest player in baseball, hands down.

The Yankees are old, slow and have no pitching , yet they keep on winning.

Padres closer Heath Bell will be the next big name to be traded.

Can you imagine being a Padres fan and watching what Adrian Gonzalez‘s is doing in Boston?  Must be gut wrenching.

The All-Star home run derby is bigger than the All-Star game itself.  And the game decides home field advantage?

Prince Fielder is proving teams don’t need to spend $300 million for Albert Pujols.

The Atlanta Braves are going to give the Phillies a run for their money.

Lance Berkman must be eating his Wheaties.  How else can you explain it.  Cast off by the Astro’s and Yankees to MVP.  Go figure.

After a strong start, the Kansas City Royals and Seattle Mariners slipping back to reality.

Jayson Werth and Carl Crawford have been busts so far, but none worst than Adam Dunn.

Davey Johnson will make the Washington Nationals better.

Jim Thome‘s career is coming to an end.  Talk about an underated player, 595 home runs but who is counting?

Is Hideki Matsui still playing?  World Series MVP to nowhere in a very short time.

Justin Morneau and Brian Roberts are two examples how injuries can shorten a career.

Bryce Harper blows kisses to opposing pitcher after hitting a home run, and they say David Ortiz‘s slow trot pisses teams off?

Derek Jeter joins Wade Boggs as the only two players in history to get their 3,000 hit via the home run, this from two guys who have made a career at hitting singles.

Alfredo Aceves is this years version of Justin Masterson.  Jack of all trades.

Bobby Jenks will never be Jonathan Papelbon….ever!!!

American league: Red Sox will win the East, Detroit the Central and the Rangers the West.  The Yankees will win the Wild Card.

National League: Phillies will win the East, Milwaukee the Central, San Fransisco in the West.  Atlanta will win the Wild Card.

I am sticking with my preseason pick, Sox beat the Braves in the World Series

Enjoy the second half.

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