Is It Time for a Six Man Rotation?

By Editorial Staff

The Kansas City Royals are about to join the Chicago White Sox with a 6 man pitching rotation.  Looking at the Red Sox rotation, do you think they should consider it?  Theo Epstein has approached the subject before, but he got resistance from Josh Beckett and Jon Lester.  This is a different staff and a different time.  Clay Buchholz is on his way to see a back specialist over his nagging back.  He wasn’t expected to come back until after the All-Star break.  When he does return, will he be healthy enough to go out there every five days?

If there was ever a Red Sox pitching staff primed for a six man rotation, it’s this one.  If we are stuck with the likes of John Lackey in the starting rotation, wouldn’t you rather see him every sixth day instead of fifth?  Even with Josh Beckett pitching better than he ever has in a a Sox uniform, he still could still benefit from an extra day off.  How many of you keep waiting for some kind of injury to creep in and put Beckett out for a period of time?  Face it , he is not know for his durability.  Really, the only one I think it could hurt slightly is Jon Lester.  He prepares himself physically and mentally to take the hill every fifth day.  But, Lester hasn’t exactly been lights out this year either.  This team won the 2007 World Championship because they were able to give Curt Schilling and Beckett time off late in the season.  They were fresh for the post season and the results proved it.

If there is one concern with this team as it heads into the second half it is their starting pitching.  Just how much can we expect from Tim Wakefield and Lackey?  Will Jon Lester return to form?  Can Josh Beckett continue his domination?  Finally, just who is Andrew Miller?

The pros to having a six man rotation is obvious.  How could an extra day off not help any of these men?  They have father time and durability against them.  Their are also cons in this scenario.  The main concern will be to add a sixth starter means you will have one less bullpen or bench palyer available.  Who would be the odd man out?  Having a sixth man in rotation is far from a guarantee that they will pitch past the sixth inning.  In Lackey’s case the 4th or 5th inning.  Another problem could be in this day of stats and salary, look how many starts a pitcher will miss out on in the course of the season.  Less starts, less innings equates into less wins, which means you could recieve less in the open market.  It could also eliminate a pitcher from the Cy Young award talks.  Most pitchers would balk at this situation.  But, shouldn’t the team come ahead of individual stats?  Especially, a team with such high expectations going into it.  How ironic that the teams slogan is “We Won’t Rest,” yet these pitchers certainly could use some extra rest.

What do you think?  Would you like to see a six man rotation or not?

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