Series 6 Pack: Pittsburgh Pirates


The highly criticized interleague play continues and up next for the Red Sox are the vastly improved Pittsburgh Pirates.

PNC Park will be the sight of this series and because of it, Boston loses it’s DH position, which is a whole new conversation.  What Terry Francona will do with David Ortiz and Adrian Gonzalez remains to be seen, let’s just hope it doesn’t hurt the Red Sox during the next 11 days.

Thanks to Tom from the Fansided’s RumBunters for helping out on this serie’s 6 pack.  Tom appears to be a little worried about this series…….have a look below and enjoy.

1.  At the start of the season, many critics had already written off the Pirates and had them en route to another 100 loss season. It is mid June and the Pirates are just two games under .500.  What’s been the biggest reason for a steady Pirates club so far? Is it realistic to expect a .500 season this year?

The Pittsburgh Pirates pitching has been at times lights out from the starters to the closer Joel Hanrahahan who is a perfect 20 for 20 in saves.

We have no reason to believe that .500 isn’t attainable.  Sure the pitching is going to regress, but the Pirates offense has been one of the worst in the NL.  Something has to give, but it will be impossible to break the streak without getting a bat.  The Pirates are recalling Alex Presley who has torn up AAA for the series, but a real bat is needed, our faith in Presley to save the day isn’t there.  

2. How has the city of Pittsburgh and it’s fan base responded to a decent start for the Pirates so far?

This winter Clint Hurdle talked about reconnecting a fan base to it’s baseball club after he took the helm as Pirates skipper over the same job with NY Mets.  He talked a great game with the Pittsburgh crowd.  He’s been very well received.  Even the non believers have been caught staring at Pirates baseball this season while rubbing their junk.  Attendance is way up especially considering this team lost 105 games last season.

3.  Just how valuable is Andrew McCutchen to the Pirates organization? Will he be overlooked for the All-Star selection?

Just look at McCutchen’s WAR if he gets ignored for the All-Star game, it will be a travesty.  It’s impossible to consider him not being on the roster.  McCutchen is without question the best player on this Pirates team, he’s not a complete player yet, but he is moving quickly in that direction.  Cutch is very fun to watch and if somehow he gets a bat on a ball against your excellent starting piching just watch him run.

4. Is Joel Hanrahan the real deal for the closer role?

Really?  What part of perfect confuses you Derek?

5. If you were to play Pirates GM, what moves would you make prior to the July 31 deadline?

Get a home run hitter.  Get a catcher.  Get a contingent of hookers to check into the Red Sox team hotel in Pittsburgh tomorrow with a late check out on Sunday.

6. What must the Pirates rely on in order to beat the Red Sox this weekend? Aside from McCutchen, which players should we watch for?

Beat the Red Sox?  Aren’t the Sox already World Champs?  I’m not even sure the Pirates will come to the ballpark.

What players should you watch for….that scares me.  You’re not thinking of stealing any of them away with your large bags of gold coin are you?

Shit.  I knew it.  Why did I answer all of these damn quest….

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