Jacoby Ellsbury and David Ortiz Power Sox into First Place


Jacoby Ellsbury dotted the “i”, David Ortiz crossed the “T”, and the Yankees were finished for the night.  It only took 5 pitches before Jacoby Ellsbury took the wind out of the Yankee fan’s sails as he drilled a Freddy Garcia pitch into the right field seats.  Things went even more down hill for Garcia as he was yanked in the second inning after putting the Yankees into a 4-1 deficit.  A lead they could never overcome as the Sox won game one of the series, 6-4.

Jon Lester continued to struggle with his command but was able to pitch himself out of a few jams, as he recorded his Major League leading eighth win of the season.  This win put the Sox in a first place tie with the Yankees.  The biggest blow of the game came off the bat of David Ortiz in the fifth inning.  Big Papi crushed a two run homer into the right field seats to extend the Sox lead to 6-1.  Yankee Manager Joe Girardi didn’t appreciate Ortiz’s flip of the bat or slow trot around the bases.  Ortiz described it as being “Papi style and as the weather gets hot so does Papi.”  It was vintage Ortiz, the Ortiz of old when he used to bat behind Manny.  This is Ortiz’s contract year and he sure is going to make it difficult for the Sox to let him just walk away at the end of the year.  Ortiz loves playing in a position that most players despise, designated hitter.  Can anyone name another player that wants to be a full time DH?  The closest is Vladimir Guerrero and even he isn’t thrilled with the idea.  As far as the Yankees taking offense to the flip of the bat, too bad.  Isn’t this the team that started all the showboating when they allowed Reggie Jackson to stand and watch the flight of every homerun?  They didn’t mind it then, did they?  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  Ellsbury and Ortiz continue to show the fans why they should both be starting in the 2011 All-Star game. 

Jonathan Papelbon recorded his 200th career save breaking the not-so-great-anymore Mariano Rivera‘s record of fewest appearances to record a 200th save.  Papelbon accomplished that milestone in 359 appearances, making him the quickest in history to hit that number. Mariano Rivera owned the previous record at 382.  The save didn’t come easy as Paplebon walked Brett Gardner to lead off the inning.  Gardner eventually scored on a Jorge Posada single with two out.  Fortunately for Papelbon the next batter was Alex Rodriguez

Was there anyone in the world watching or listening to this game who didn’t think A-Rod would do his usual and go down swinging?  The ultimate choke in the ultimate pressure situation, no Kate Hudson, same old result.  Strike three and ball game over.

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