A Sox Tale

By Editorial Staff

My friends and I made a trip up to Boston to see the Saturday game of the Red Sox/Yankees series in early April of this season.  The Red Sox ended up losing that Saturday and I was feeling pretty miserable.

The following day, my friends and I headed to the Green line station to get back to the airport. We were all feeling like death (a mix of a Red Sox loss and being over served at the bar the previous night).  All of the sudden my friend Thomas hits me on the arm and whispers something.  I didn’t understand. I looked around and tried to figure out what he was awkwardly pointing at. “IT’S Kevin Millar!!!”  A rush of emotion came over me. After all, Millar was one of the glue guys on that ’04 Sox team that won it all. I was petrified. I couldn’t say anything. I just stared at him very creepily from about four feet away. We finally got to the station and walked down to the platform and I yelled to my friends, “THAT WAS KEVIN FREAKING MILLAR, HOW COOL WAS THAT!?!” I regretted not saying something to him, but what do you say to the guy that he hasn’t heard 50 million times since 2004?  All I could think of was what Millar said before Game Four of the 2004 ALCS. “All I’m saying is do not let us win tonight ’cause if we win tonight they get Pedey in Game Five, Schill in Game Six, and anything can happen in Game Seven.”

That’s my life as a Red Sox fan in a microcosm (disappointment and happiness coming from the same source over and over again).

I can’t remember the shirt I wore yesterday. I can’t remember a lot of things for that matter, but I can remember watching the Red Sox on Opening Day of 1994 season in Fitchburg, MA during spring break (spring break in Fitchburg, MA is a boring as it sounds, especially when you’re ten).  I remember watching Clemens pitch lights out for an inning before imploding quickly. The Sox rallied late that day and eventually won. I remember sitting in my college apartment being so depressed after Game Seven of the 2003 ALCS, only to watch the Sox win it all in ’04. By the way, just speaking of the 2003 ALCS just angers me. Take Pedro out Grady!!!!

You get the picture by now. I’m terrible at remembering ordinary things, but I somehow recall Red Sox memories like they happened yesterday. That’s why I love this team. It’s the good, the bad, and sometimes the really ugly that makes this team so special to me.

My name is Brian Belliveau and I’m excited to be a new writer BoSox Injection. I just wanted to introduce myself to you with a bit of my background. I hope you enjoy my articles and I gladly welcome comments.

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