Will Terry Francona Ever Learn?

By Editorial Staff

The Red Sox were leading King Felix and the Seattle Mariners 2-0 going into the 6th inning.  Tim Wakefield was brilliant, only allowing 2 hits and no runs.  After recording 2 quick outs in the top of the sixth, Ryan Langerhans singled to right.  Terry Francona came out of the dugout quickly to make a pitching change.  Who got the call from the pen?  No other than the game choker Bobby Jenks.

As they say the rest is history.  Jenks allowed a single, followed by a wild pitch, then imploded with three straight walks and suddenly the game was tied 2-2.  Is he the only reliever the Sox have?  Must be, that is the only explanation I could come up with.  Why else would you bring in the worst relief pitcher on the team with a slim 2-0 lead?

Jenks isn’t the only one to blame.  I blame Terry Francona.  Hey Terry,  in case you haven’t noticed, the Sox are in last place and can’t afford to give the ball to someone who blows game after game after game.  I will even take Hideki Choke-ajima at this point.

I am disgusted beyond words at this point with Jenks and I’m willing to bet you feel the same way.  Makes you think that the Chicago White Sox knew what they were doing by not resigning the round mound of disaster.

How happy do you think  Tim Wakefield  is right now.  He gets a rare start and walks away with nothing to show for it.  Don’t feel too bad Tim, Jenks is an equal opportunity chokes, he blows every starter’s game.

The last thing I ever expected to do was write day after day about Bobby Jenks.  But, what else is there to write about these days.  Now that was a depressing thought, wasn’t it?

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