Sox Close To Offering Mixed Drinks At Fenway

By Editorial Staff

Seriously, how many times have you been in the bleachers watching Dice-K throwing the gyro ball wishing you had an appletini in each hand? I know I have had this thought a few times myself.

Word out of the Fens is that the Red Sox and the mayor’s office were able to come to an agreement regarding the selling of mixed drinks during Sox games at Fenway Park.  Currently, only the sale of beer is permitted in the general seating sections and only those lucky enough to sit in a premium seat have the option to buy straight alcohol.

The Red Sox made a few concessions (intended) to the original plan in order to push the deal through and they are:

  • Selling of mixed drinks would end 2 hours into the game instead of in the 7th or 2 1/2 hours into the game like beer.
  • The alcohol content will not be greater than a beer
  • Straight alcohol in the form of a shot or ‘on the rocks’ will not be sold.
  • Relocating a mixed drink station further away from the bleachers.

The deal took a positive step forward last night but still has a few hurdles to go. The Boston Licensing board is expected to render its vote on Thursday and the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission would need to give their endorsement as well. Each is expected to vote in favor of the proposal and the mixed drinks could begin to flow in as soon as 30 days.

Rumors have been flying around the interwebs calling the horrible start to the season a clever marketing ploy to sell more mixed drinks. Don’t believe me? Would you have believed me last week if I told you the Red Sox would sign a partnership agreement with Lebron James? The same Lebron James often seen wearing a Yankees cap and hated throughout Celtic nation?

Until final approval is given, we’ll have to turn to overpriced beer to drown our sorrows listening to everyone tell us how a team expected to win 120 games has no hope of winning a World Series title since no team has every done so after starting 0-6 and only 2 teams in the history of the game made the postseason after starting 0-5. Well, until 2004 no team ever came back down 0-3. Bam.

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