How Will Injuries Play Out in the AL East

By Editorial Staff

No matter how you slice it, this year is starting out stranger than expected.  The Baltimore Orioles sit atop of the AL East, with the New York Yankees hot on their tail.  The Tampa Bay Rays and the Boston Red Sox are still seeking their first win.  The Toronto Blue Jays quietly sitting in the middle of the pack.  I know way to early to start analyzing all of this, however, as we well know an injury here and an injury there can make or break a team.  There are some injuries in the AL East worth looking at.

The biggest superstar to be bitten by the injury bug is Evan Longoria.  He is struggling with baseball’s newest phenomenon, an oblique strain.  Seems like the new buzz word since spring training.   Tampa Bay was going to have enough trouble scoring runs this season.  Without Longoria in the lineup, this is going to be quite the mountain to climb if this injury lingers longer than two weeks.  Not only will the Rays suffer but so will all of Baseball.

The Red Hot Baltimore Orioles also have a concern or make that two concerns.  Pitchers Brian Matusz and Jeremy Guthrie.  Matusz has an Intercostal strain and is expected to be out 3-6 weeks.  Guthrie is missing his next start due to Pneumonia.  This staff is filled with young pitchers and has only allowed two earned runs in the first four games.  But, Guthrie and Matusz are their two best arms.  They are riding high now but how long can the reserve pitchers hold down the fort?

I’m sure the Toronto Blue Jays would love to have Brandon Morrow back as soon as possible, but they can fill his shoes while they wait.  Kyle Drabeklooks like a chip off the old block , Dad Doug Drabek,  to pick up the slack.

There were whispers over the air waves today questioning the health of New York Yankees starter, Phil Hughes.  Some are wondering if he has Tendonitis or does he have a “dead arm” at the early age of 25?  There must be some explanation for the sudden loss in velocity.  It might not be a major concern yet, at least as long as Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira and Jorge Posada keep ripping the cover off the ball.  But, this is a team that can ill afford a loss in their starting rotation.

The Boston Red Sox are healthy, except for maybe a little stress each player is burdening.  Quite frankly they should be nervous.   But, as long as they can stay healthy and get a win under their belt in Cleveland, then things might start going their way sooner than later.

I don’t know about you, but I would much rather see all five teams battle head to head for the top spot then have injuries determine the outcome.

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