Like I Needed Another Reason to Hate the Yankees

By Editorial Staff

Ok, not so breaking news anymore.  I actually started writing this earlier when I heard the news of the alleged cheating from the New York Yankees.  I was trying to contain the inner Dr. Wayne Dyer in me,  but, Yankee fans are interfering with my Dharma.  So, here we go.

Just when you think you have enough reasons to hate the New York Yankees,  along comes word that they may have been caught cheating on opening day against the Detroit Tigers.  Brett Weber, Yankees operation assistant,  was caught signaling pitch speeds to the Yankee hitters.  Of course, these types of hand signals are prohibited by MLB.  MLB prohibits club staff from using hand signals to communicate pitch types or speeds to its players.  Brian Cashman’s explanation was  ”The scoreboard went down. He was relaying after the fact with his fingers to some hitters who wanted to know what the velocity was, pitches to the opposing teams’ hitter, to the guy on deck.  There’s nothing to hide. We’ve got nothing to hide.”  Really?  And you expect us to believe that?

This from a team that spent the better part of the off season ridiculing one of the greatest players (Derek Jeter) to ever don a Yankee uniform.  Then at a press conference, announcing the signing last season’s best closer ,(Rafael Soriano), Brian Cashman declared that this wasn’t his idea and if it was up to him, he wouldn’t have made the deal.

So cheating on opening day isn’t so far fetched.  I doubt any of the fans in the stadium realized what weas going on, probably because there were hundreds and hundreds of empty seats at Yankee Stadium for the opening weekend series.

Its not like I look for reasons to hate the Yankees more than I already do, they just keep handing them to me on a silver platter.

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