Jed Lowrie-Mission Impossible?

By Editorial Staff

Jed Lowrie arrived to spring training with nothing to lose but everything to gain.  His position of utility infielder was secure, but Jed wants more.  He believes he is ready to be the team’s starting shortstop.  After battling a wrist injury, then a long bout with mono, he is in the best shape of his life.
Terry Francona had said that Marco Scutaro will be penciled in as the everyday shortstop, with Lowrie his backup.  A tough pill to swallow for Lowrie.  Instead of complaining, Jed has decided to make this a very tough decision for Francona to make.
This is the life of a major leaguer with the Red Sox.  With Gonzalez, Pedroia and Youkilis firmly implanted, it leaves almost no hope for minor leaguers entrenched in the Sox farm system for years to come. Players like Lowrie, being one of them.  Is Jose Iglesias the chosen one to take over at short next year?  If he is, what future would Lowrie have with this team?
If last year is any indication of what Lowrie can offer, what should the team do?  Not too many teams have a switch hitting infielder that can play all positions.  Finally being healthy, Jed showed that he had a little pop in his bat and his fielding wasn’t too shabby either.  He also shows enthusiasm every day.  You can see his passion and his desire that he brings to the game.  With this Sox team, that just might not be good enough.  A team stacked with super stars, the opportunity to pinch hit might not be there for Jed.  Who do you pinch hit for and who would you send up first?  In close games maybe you pinch hit Saltalamacchia, but wouldn’t Mike Cameron be the first choice off the bench?  It really wouldn’t make sense to pinch hit Lowrie for Scuttaro, unless there is a need for a left handed stick at that moment.  If that was the case , why not just have Lowrie start? 
So here is a player with the talent to be almost any other teams starting shortstop, busting his butt day in and day out, not giving up.  He overcame injury and controversy, but still, as of today, not good enough to be an everyday player.  At least not with this team. What does the future hold?  Who knows?  Maybe the best he can hope for is that he can show off his skills that will make him very desirable come the trade deadline, but what a hole that will put the Sox in if someone comes up injured.  Jed has been battle tested and is primed to make this one of the toughest decisions Francona will make this spring.
If I were you, Marco Scutaro, be prepared for a battle and may the best man win.  It will be a fight you will want to keep your eyes on.