Dustin Pedroia & Jonathan Papelbon Spring Quotes v1


There is one thing you can always count with Jonathan Papelbon and Dustin Pedroia: funny and ridiculous quotes. Throughout the years, both players have openly displayed their odd and quirky personalities to the media, rarely holding back. They are both hard-working, cocky players who aren’t afraid to joke or take jabs at other players or coaches. Papelbon reported to Spring Training a few days ago, only to drop some funny lines and upon Pedroia’s arrival this morning, the list of quotes just continued to grow. This is the 1st of what is likely to be many volumes of player quotes. Remember, this is just a tiny sampling of quotes from Papelbon and Pedroia in Fort Myers thus far, but hopefully they will put a smile on your face and send you into the weekend on the right foot (no pun intended). Enjoy!

Dustin Pedroia

On arriving in Spring Training with a new hairdo: “The jokes are cool when I’m 20 and losing my hair. But I’m a grown-ass man now. I think it looks solid. My wife likes it.” (tweeted by Ian Browne @IanMBrowne)

After Terry Francona made fun of Pedroia’s hairdo: “I don’t know what Tito’s starting. He’s a tool. He poured water on himself today to pretend he was working out. He didn’t do (expletive). I might kick his ass before we get started.” (Peter Abraham, Boston Globe)

Asked if he needed to see doctors, maybe another MRI: “Doctor’s in Boston. He can come and see me, how about that? I’ve had about 50 of ‘em [MRIs]. If they haven’t figured it out by now…” (Gordon Edes, ESPN Boston.com)

Pedroia said he worked out with Crawford 3, 4 yrs in Arizona. “Whupped” him in Ping Pong, “talked trash.” “Great to have him on our side.” (tweeted by Gordon Edes @GordonEdes)

On Carl Crawford, Pedroia said he can’t wait to play with “that little firecracker.” (tweeted by Gordon Edes @GordonEdes)

Jonathan Papelbon

On his pending free agency after the season: “They don’t pay me to think. If I’m a thinker, then I’m not a closer. That’s the way I look at it, man. I don’t think, man, I just do. Sometimes that gets me into trouble.’’ (Gordon Edes, ESPNBoston.com)

His reaction when he heard that the Sox had made a two-year offer to Mariano Rivera: “I laughed. I did. And I laughed because it was like, ‘Wow, this is getting kind of crazy. Oh my God, what’s going on here?’ But that’s part of the business side of things. That was a pretty high-intensity week. Would Mo have ever accepted? I don’t know, man, you’ve got to ask Mo. Who knows?’’ (Gordon Edes, ESPNBoston.com)